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Top Loaders

Top loading washing machines operate through the top just like the name suggests. Top loading washing machines can come in traditional models or high efficiency ones which consumer less power. Although top loading washing machines have gone through a lot of developments over the years they may not have ultra fancy features. However these days manufacturers are enhancing top loading washing machines and many of them have features similar to that of front loading washing machines. From basic dials to touch screens washing machines are available in a variety of options and with an array of features. Some top loading washing machines might have a basic two wash cycle while others might have up to 11 wash cycles—it all depends on the models. With top loading washing machines it is also easier to take clothes out of the wash tub. New energy efficient models with modern features are available on the market and Croma stocks the cream of the crop for you. You can choose from a variety of models by leading brands such as Samsung LG Whirlpool Godrej Electrolux and Panasonic or buy affordable top loading washing machines by Croma's own brand name. You can even go through top loading washing machine reviews and ratings to make an informed decision. You can also avail exciting offers on some washing machines and get a free pack of detergent. Visit Croma's website and conveniently shop online for washing machines.At Croma we have the best top loading washing machines in India. These top loading washing machines offer full function and are available at the best prices. So if you are on the look out for a top loading washing machine ideal for your home Croma is the place to shop.

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