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Water Dispensers

Water Dispensers or water coolers are devices that cool and dispense water for drinking purposes. They are available in non-bottled and bottled categories. The non-bottled ones are obtained from a tap while the bottled are large bottles of mineral drinking water that are available from vendors. There are quite a few specifications of this device. While some are wall-mounted and bottom loaded there are others that are freestanding can be placed on a tabletop or have direct-piping. With technological advancements instant water offers both hot and cold options. Water dispensers are useful for home as well as office areas. They cool a high capacity of water so you need not worry about any problems in its flow. It dispenses cold/hot water rapidly and offers value for money. Depending on the climatic conditions in our environment you may sip on lukewarm or chilled water. Water coolers have become an essential means to quench your thirst at all times. It doesn't require frequent cleaning up which means you spend less on its maintenance cost. Some models even allow you to programme them and set the temperature of the water as per your convenience. It takes up less electricity and cuts down on power consumption. Its simple functionality makes it effortless to operate. Croma offers a broad range of water dispensers from brands like Bluestar Voltas and many more. The models vary in colour and size so you can choose a large or mini cooler dispenser as per your home/office decor. You can brush through the various user reviews that are available online and choose a water dispenser as per your requirement. Our collection comprises of water dispensers with the lowest prices in India. Buy a suitable model and avail the best deals on its purchase.

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