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Water Purifiers

Health and sanitation is a necessary part of our daily lives. And when it comes to drinking water nobody wishes to compromise. Hence it is vital to make sure that the water you drink is completely purified and free from bacteria. Water purifiers are essential in every home as they instantly filter water for drinking purposes. They utilise a simple technological process to remove chemicals and contaminants that cause health-threatening illnesses like jaundice cholera diarrhoea and typhoid. These purification devices are non-chlorinated palatable and completely safe. They make use of several techniques like chemical disinfection ultraviolet purification and ozone water disinfection. They purify water in different stages to make sure every stage cleanses and gets rid of all disinfectants. Sometimes just plain boiling of water does not kill all the germs. This technique was used extensively in the olden days. However today with the increase in pollution and chemicals in the environment we have become more prone to diseases. Hence boiling isn't enough. Water purifiers make life simpler. They kill infection-causing microorganisms that can't be destroyed in the regular boiling process. In addition you don't even have to wait for too long to get your clean water. A simple one touch button is all it takes to receive hygienic water instantly. It does not require an everyday clean-up. It can be cleaned by the manufacturing house on a contract basis every six months. So this means less maintenance cost. It consumes less power so that you don't have to worry about your electricity bills shooting up. They provide a high capacity of water differing from one brand to another. Certain models even feature digital alert system that alarms few days prior indicating if the kits need replacement. At Croma we offer a complete range of water purifiers from brands like Eureka Forbes Tata Zero-B Tata Swatch Hindustan Unilever Pureit Kent RO+UV LG Panasonic and many more. Some of them are portable while some are wall-mountable. You can check out the various user reviews before purchasing the best water purifier for your home or even office use. Check out our price lists and buy any water purifier online at the lowest price in India.

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