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  • Approximate Coverage Area – 500 Sq.ft. (46.45 Sq.M)
  • UV-C Technology
  • PM 2.5
  • Anti Dust Filter | HEPA Filter | Ionizer Filter
  • Dimensions - 32.5 x 53.0 x 20.5 cms
  • TiO2 Filter
  • Air Purifier Category

    • Product Type

    • Air Purifier
    • Coverage Area (Sq.Ft)

    • 500 Sq. Ft.
    • Installation Type

    • Floor Standing
    • Suitable For

    • Home & Office
    • Coverage Area (Sq.M)

    • 56 Sq.m
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Eureka
    • Model Series

    • Forbes
    • Model Number

    • FAP 8000i

Why buy Eureka Forbes UV technology Air Purifier


  • Eliminates 99% SARS CoV-2 Virus for ultimate protection
  • UV-C technology Kills virus and bacteria
  • HEPA - Filter stops invisible dust particle
  • Ionizer Filter maintains air freshness
  • Anti Dust Filter remove dust from air


With the increasing pollution and rise of deadly viruses and bacteria, you need to feel safe in your house. So bring home the Eureka Forbes UV technology Air Purifier to protect you. Built with the latest technology to provide the ultimate protection along with maintaining the breath of fresh air, this air purifier is a must have. It is made with ground breaking UV-C Technology that helps eliminate 99.99% of Bacteria & Viruses to keep you safe and healthy. It is perfect for a room measuring up to 500 Square feet. 6 stages of filtration in Eureka Forbes UV technology Air Purifier makes sure that the air you breathe is crisp and natural. You will be amazed to know that it is endowed with Professional HEPA 13 filter that filters up to 99.97% micro-particles such as PM 2.5 and even fine minute particles with PM 10 that includes fine dust, pollen and mould spores. As an extra ordinary feature this purifier has different color indicators indicating the purity of the air.

To maintain the freshness of air this Eureka Forbes UV technology Air Purifier is equipped with Ioniser Filter, they emit negative ions into the air as a way to clean it which is harmless to you, it reduces indoor air pollutants, including viruses, that are airborne., all while supplying with fresh air. It comes with powerful UV technology that combines with TiO2 filter, which creates Photocatalytic reaction eliminating and kills the viruses and bacteria present. Anti Dust Filter abolish particulate matter such as dust, dirt, pet hair from the air, with magnetic attraction it attracts dust and dirt, thus eliminating it from the air, it can remove up to microns sized between 10 - 100. Apart from all these feature it also diminishes the odours and smoke from the air, (smell of from rotten vegetable or paints etc.), also traps thin carbon particles in the air. This air purifier sits comfortably in your room at home or at the office and emits rich quality air making a healthier environment. So get your hands on the amazing as this Eureka Forbes UV technology Air Purifier is certified for the highest standards of air quality.