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Additional Water Heater Features
Flammable-Vapour Ignition Resistance

The water heater needs to be equipped with a flammable vapour ignition resistance (FVIR) which proves beneficial when evaluating a gas-fired unit. This feature helps in preventing against flashback fire. The flashback fire occurs when flammable vapours like paint thinner or gasoline contact the burner unit or pilot light. If you are using a gas-fired water heater inside your home then it is also essential to install carbon monoxide detectors.

Anti-scale Devices and Drains

The anti-scale devices are designed to reduce the mineral deposits accumulated in the bottom of the water storage tank. These mineral deposits can shorten the serviceable life of the heating elements inside the tank. The drain valves on the storage tank may contain plastic or brass. These valves can be connected to a garden hose to drain the unit and perform routine maintenance. Brass valves have a longer life and make a better hose connection.

Glass-lined Tanks

You could buy a water heater that has a glass-lined storage tank. During the manufacturing process, a special coating is applied to the inside of the tank that reduces the corrosion of the storage tank.

Advanced Water Heater Technology
High Efficiency

Water heating efficiency is measured by Energy Factor (EF) rating. The most efficient water heater is the one that has the highest EF rating. Usually, the most efficient models are more expensive than other models. However, they are designed to save money and run efficiently in an environment friendly way.


Energy Star is a trusted and government backed symbol for energy efficiency. It helps consumers to save their money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products. Many of the energy-conscious users opt for Energy Star approved models as they give environmental benefits and are beneficial for long-term savings.

Intuitive Technology

Currently, there is a new line of water heaters that comprises of temperature and other operating features which can be adjusted based on the needs of the users. Some of the benefits offered by this technology include better energy efficiency, increased durability and smarter performance.

Premium Electronic Gas Valve

Some of the water heaters available, today, feature a new, advanced electronic gas valve. They have less moving parts as compared to conventional mechanical gas valve. So, they provide reliable and accurate performance with better temperature control and faster hot water recovery. The thermopile powers this innovative valve. As such there is no need of any external power for it.

Dry-Fire Protection

The dry-fire protection is available in electric water heaters. It ensures that the upper element doesnâ??t burn out when the unit is not able to sense water around it.