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The sole function of a tripod is to provide stability to a camera when it is being used on long photography sessions. The tripod is a necessity when there are long hours of photography or there’s still photography involved.

External Flash:


An external flash is used when there’s no ambient light to click an optimal picture. The mechanism of an external flash is complicated as it uses the camera and itself in a transfer of information. You should buy an external flash only if it is necessary or you are an avid user of a point and shoot camera.




Camera lens filters can be used for different purposes in digital photography. They can be indispensable for capturing scenery in extremely difficult lighting conditions, they can enhance colors and reduce reflections or can simply protect lenses.


Memory Card and Reader:


Most of the cameras support the standard memory cards as they provide the flexibility of transferring or attaching them in various card readers instead of providing a customized memory card and reader that increases the tedious job of transferring files. Memory cards and readers are easy-to-use and handle.




While it is hard to maintain a constant battery life, carrying an extra battery never hurt anybody. An extra battery helps in keeping the camera going even when the previous on drains out. A common mistake that everyone makes while using a camera is recharging the battery over and over again without letting it overuse a bit.


Cleaning Kit:

Maintaining a camera is a tedious job because even a small dust particle or a water drop can change the photography experience and damage the image sensor. It is crucial that you clean the camera and the lenses after regular intervals. Cleaning kits are a must if you want to prolong your camera’s life. 



Traveling with a heavy camera and its lenses surely needs a bag that can accommodate all the small and large accessories. Most of the DSLRs nowadays come with a separate bag that has all the needed compartments and pockets to store lenses, memory cards and the main unit itself.