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Bluetooth Speakers

They are designed to work with Bluetooth compatible devices. You can stream music through your iPhone or other Bluetooth enabled device and play it via these speakers. You can control the playlist from the device and enjoy music wire free.

HDMI Cables

High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI are used to transfer high quality audio and video contents through a single cable. They are generally used in high end audio systems and home theatre systems.

Digital Media Port

It allows you to connect portable devices such as MP3 players, iPods and also select television sets. It allows you to view playlists, albums and other information on the screen of your portable device or on the screen of the compatible television set.


Cables can make a considerable difference with the kind of cables used with your music system. The various kinds of cables that are used in and audio system are speaker cables, interconnecting cables and power cables. Genuine and good quality cables can bring considerable improvement in the output delivered by your audio system.

Docking System

Designed to offer speaker support to your iPod or portable MP3 player, the docking system will add power to your music. Just place the player in the dock and the dock will reads the stored music files which are then transmitted through the built-in speakers.

CD Players

Usually part of stereo, car and personal computer systems, it plays compact disks like DVDâ??s and VCDâ??s. The CD players on personal computers can also re-write plain CDâ??s and record music and movies.


Receivers have been designed to power your speaker, tune FM and AM stations and you can even adjust the sound requirement to suit your preference. Home theatre receiver decodes files and lets you enjoy movies, music and much more through the surround sound speakers.