Buy Balzano 1.8 Litres 1500 Watts Electric Kettle (Detachable Base, GLBOX218, Silver) Online – Croma
  • Detachable Base, 1.8 Litres
  • Ideal For: Water and Milk Heating
  • Flat heating element
  • Wireless 360 degree base
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Product Category

    • Kettle Type

    • Detachable Base
    • Kettle Function

    • Multi-utility Kettle
    • Kettle Capacity

    • 1.8 Litres
    • Ideal For

    • Water & Milk | Tea | Coffee
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Balzano
    • Model Series

    • GLBOX218
    • Model Number

    • GLBOX218

Why buy Balzano 1.8 Litres 1500 Watts Electric, Kettle


  • Stainless steel body for perfect boiling
  • Flat heating element for quick boiling
  • Wireless 360-degree base for easy lifting and placing
  • Multi safety system against boil-dry, auto switch off
  • Easy water refilling through lid or spout
  • Spring Lid with large opening for cleaning
  • Pilot LED light indicator lights up when switching on


Whether you crave a quick tea or want to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee or simply consume warm water for a healthy lifestyle. All these can be achieved using a single appliance the Balzano 1.8 Litres 1500 Watts Electric Kettle. The well-crafted electric kettle has been constructed using stainless steel body that serves as a perfect conductor for boiling water. the electric water kettle has a flat heating element that ensures that the boiling of water is done within a limited time. Lifting and placing the Balzano 1.8 Litres 1500 Watts Electric Kettle is made extremely convenient. Thanks to the wireless 360-degree base. Through the detachable base, the kettle can be easily separated and used independently, and cleaning too becomes convenient.


The design of the electric kettle is such that it has a system of easy water refilling through the lid or spout. The kettle has been designed to keep your safety in mind. The Balzano 1.8 Litres 1500 Watts Electric Kettle comes with a multi safety system that ensures that the kettle does not turn on when it is dry. The kettle also has an auto switch-off mechanism. Having the Balzano 1.8 Litres 1500 Watts Electric Kettle in your kitchen can help you churn out tea and coffee in minutes. Wait no longer! Buy this unique electric kettle and enjoy any hot beverage without much fuss of preparing it!