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How to increase the bandwidth of your router:

 ·  Quality of Service

This feature increases the performance of the router for a few types of attributes like gaming, video-streaming, video-calls etc. QoS enables a specific application to have the  maximum bandwidth making it function extremely fast and have no interruption. It is one  of the best ways to amp up the performance of your router.

 ·  Channel Width Adjustment

The adjustment of the channel width determines how much data transfer is carried out via its wireless network. Using a channel width of 20 MHz will increase the router’s range but will decrease data speeds. 40 MHz on the other hand is a broader channel offering higher data transfer while restricting the router’s range. The channel width for 2.4 or 5 GHz bands is usually configured to 20 MHz, 40 MHz or 60MHz is set by default

 ·  MAC Filtering

Every device has a MAC address printed on its network adapter. MAC filtering helps in locking out specific devices and restricts them from using the network. It adds a security  cover so that unknown devices will never get access to your network and decrease your  speed. 


Choosing an electronic device can be a tedious job. Take into account the features mentioned here and choose a router that fits all your needs while providing you with extremely high performance and no complaints.