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Bigshot Do-It-Yourself Digital Camera (Red)

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  • Build It Yourself
  • Regular, Panoramic and 3D Photos
  • Hand-Cranked Dynamo for Backup Power
  • 3 megapixels
  • 1.4 inch LCD Display
  • USB2 Interface
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Bigshot Do-It-Yourself Digital Camera (Red)


Main Product Features
  • Secondary Hand-cranked Dynamo
  • Primary Rechargeable lithium polymer
  • Brand Bigshot
  • Resolution 3 MP
Image Sensor
  • Sensor type CMOS
Lens Features
  • Panoramic 80 degrees
  • Stereo / 3D 16 degrees
  • Lens mount Poly-optic lens wheel
  • Regular 40 degrees
  • Lens type Swiss Army
Display Features
  • LCD Size 1.4 inches
OS Compatibility
  • Supported operating system Windows and Mac
Product Description


Learn while you shoot with the interactive and informative Bigshot camera Red. With options to shoot in regular, wide-angle and stereo/3D mode; switching between the modes cannot be any easier. Designed to help learning and satisfy curiosity, the Bigshot camera can be used easily by enthusiasts between the ages of 8 to 108. This 3 MP camera offers picture resolution of 2408x1536p. Internal flash provided in Bigshot camera helps to light up the low light subjects and in capturing superior quality images even in a dark environment. The Lithium ion battery used to power the Bigshot camera can be easily recharged by using the crank provided with it. This ensures that you do not have to worry about charging your camera or carry a spare set of batteries with you. The Bigshot camera is specially designed to help increase your understanding of various concepts like optics, mechanics, electromagnetism and much more. Bigshot provides you the unique opportunity of having fun and learning at the same time. The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) camera is designed to inspire curiosity. Experience the hands-on process of building a camera. While building, use the companion website to understand the science and engineering that goes into making cameras.


The Bigshot camera has a 3 MP sensor which is capable of different modes such as regular, panoramic and stereo mode. Bigshot camera offers field of view of around 40 degree for regular mode. The panoramic mode offers field of view of 80 degree while the stereo mode offers field of view of 16 degree. These specialized modes allow you to capture perfect images according to your requirements. Bigshot camera comes with a poly-optic wheel which includes several optical modules that allow you to explore different creative dimensions as a photographer. The optical modules on the wheel work with the primary lens on Bigshot's printed circuit board (PCB) to capture three types of photos - regular, wide-angle (panoramic) and stereo (3D). This camera has compact dimensions of 129x72x40 mm making it portable. Bigshot camera is equipped with internal storage in the form of FLASH memory capable of storing up to 120 JPEG format photographs. Bigshot camera can be operated in different camera modes such as Auto Flash, Manual Flash, No Flash and timer mode. These modes allow you to customize the photographs parameter according to your preference. Bigshot camera is powered by a Lithium Ion battery that can be recharged by a crank providing an environmental friendly and hassle free recharging option.


Bigshot camera has a lens wheel with three optical modules that allow you to take three types of photos. Regular lens are used to take normal perspective photos with a horizontal field of view of 40�. Wide angle lens are used to take wide angle photos with a horizontal field of view of 80�. These photos will appear bulgy, and must be processed using Bigshot's software to create panoramas. In the third mode, Stereo/3D prism is used to take 3D photos with a horizontal field of view of 16�. These photos will have two side-by-side copies of the same scene, and must be processed by Bigshot's software to create anaglyphs (3D photos) that can be viewed using the provided red-cyan glasses. Wear the glasses such a way that the red filter covers your left eye. The camera has three power modes: normal, economy and sleep. In the normal mode, the camera is fully operational. That is, the battery has sufficient power to shoot and playback pictures and the power indicator glows green. The battery level indicator on the display shows the amount of charge remaining. In the economy mode, the camera does not have enough power to operate the display. The camera can neither show live previews nor playback photos. However, it can still shoot photos. You will have to use the viewfinder to frame your pictures. In the Sleep Mode operation, when the camera is idle for more than 45 seconds, it automatically shuts down. You can turn it on again using the mode dial.

Connectivity and Minimum Requirements

Bigshot camera has a USB connectivity of USB 2.0 which is compatible with most of the modern devices. Bigshot camera can be used in both Mac OSx and Windows OS platform giving you a wide range of options of usability in different desktops and laptops. It is compatible with Mac OS version of a minimum 10.6 and above or minimum of WINDOWS Vista, 7 or 8 for the Microsoft Platform.

Educational Benefits

Bigshot camera provides you the unique opportunity to both learn and enjoy simultaneously. The DIY (Do It Yourself) Camera is designed for imparting education and inspiring curiosity by making learning fun. Bigshot camera helps you learn various topics of physics such as Optics, Mechanics, Electromagnetism and various sub topics and concepts in them. This camera allows you to learn topics such as Gears, Gearbox, Dynamo, Batteries, and Electromagnetic circuits in Mechanics related topics. Concepts in Optics such as Pinhole camera, Refraction, Basics of lens, properties of lens, concept of thin lens, Focus and Focal concepts are brushed up with this DIY camera.


Bigshot camera is a Do it yourself DIY camera designed to inspire kids and educate them regarding various topics by generating curiosity and providing them with satisfaction of having discovered it on their own. Bigshot camera can be used by anyone in the age group of 8 to 108 years because you are never too old or too young to learn. In short, this is the perfect camera to hone your photography skills.

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