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  • Mono Channel
  • Connectivity: Aux
  • Premium Glass Top Finish
  • Dimensions - 29.51 x 29.51 x 32.71 cms
  • Audio Category

    • Device Type

    • Speaker
    • Connectivity/Inputs

    • Aux
    • Installation Type

    • Portable
  • Manufacturer Details

Have a rock show-like experience in your very living room by using the Bose Bass Module 700 that comes packed with a set of scintillating features to provide you with an amazing sound experience. This cube with wireless connectivity is designed to bring music, movies, and TV to life with a deep and dramatic bass. The quality and finish make it more durable and perfect for music wherever you are. With this Bass Module, you can rock the house without sacrificing clarity. It connects wirelessly to your Soundbar and adds even more depth and impact to everything from explosive movie effects to house-rocking playlists.

Compact in Design

If you want to kick up the performance of your sound bar and bass module a little bit more, just add the Bose surround speakers and Bose sound bar to the Bose Bass Module for a fantastic surround sound. It may be small and compact in design but the sound is powerful. So you can enjoy the full, immersive surround sound of your home entertainment without losing valuable room space. This newly designed subwoofer delivers a dynamic range of bass in a small, compact size that can be easily hidden. You can receive a room-rocking, theatre-like experience. You can wirelessly connect it to the soundbar and you’ll have the bass you are looking for.

Powerful Sound

The Bose Bass Module 700 connects wirelessly to the Bose Sound Bar for easier setup and placement, so you can experience entertainment in minutes. The Bose Bass Module 700 delivers the kind of rich, dynamic bass that impacts everything from explosive movies to rocking playlists. For an even more immersive experience, you can pair the Bose Sound Bar 700 and Bose Surround Speakers with the Bose Bass Module 700 to feel like you’re in the midst of all the action. This subwoofer delivers a dynamic range of bass from a powerful driver and generously sized port with QuietPort technology that virtually eliminates distortion, providing you with a clear and powerful sound.