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  • Portable Bluetooth TV Speaker
  • Connectivity: Aux | Bluetooth | HDMI Arc
  • Enhance Dialogue Mode
  • Dimensions - 59.30 x 5.60 x 10.20 cms
  • Audio Category

    • Device Type

    • Portable Speaker
    • Device Configuration

    • Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    • Connectivity/Inputs

    • Aux | Bluetooth
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • KR/IN/TH
    • Model Number

    • 838309-5100

To all those people who believe that music provides the best solution to your moments of fear, anxiety and depression, we have the ultimate speaker that will make you wanna groove to its tune even if you were crying a minute back. The recently launched Bose KR/IN/TH Bluetooth TV Speaker gives you the exact platform in which you can enjoy your quality time with a superior quality sound coming at an indispensable clarity. It has a solid design. Thus this brilliant speaker provides high sound quality.

Fabulous Wireless Audio Quality

The Bose KR/IN/TH Bluetooth TV Speaker offers you to listen to all your favourite songs with a fabulous sound. It provides with deep bass for your movies and music. It provides with an awesome experience. Gives immersive, powerful sound to match your viewing pleasure. Enhance dialogue mode. Also comes with Bluetooth for music streaming.

Crafted For Awesomeness

The Bose KR/IN/TH Bluetooth TV Speaker is easy to setup. It is also easy to use. It comes with 8 button remote. The maximum operating distance is of 152.40 cm. It offers with Dolby digital sound. It also comes with HDMI Arc, 0.35 cm input for optional Bose Bass.