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Hard Drives

An external hard disk is a must have it helps you carry your data around easily without any hassle. You can use an external HDD to store data or even to create a secure backup. An external hard drive is available in different storage capacities like 1 TB 3 TB and more. So you can choose for an HDD that best suits your data storage needs. We provide a wide variety of external hard disks manufactured by some of the leading brands like Seagate Sony WD and more. When buying a portable hard disk another factor that you need to look for is its data transfer speed. So whether you are buying a WD hard disk or a Seagate external hard disk it is necessary that it features a good data transfer speed. Apart from that you also need to pay heed to its password encryption facility. So you can go for a Seagate hard disk Sony hard disk or WD hard disk. Accordingly you can opt for a 1TB external hard disk or a 3TB external hard drive. Apart from all these factors compatibility is something you should never miss. Some hard drives are Windows compatible and some are both Windows as well as Mac compatible. So even if you zero down on a particular HDD say a 1TB external hard disk then you need to make sure that it is compatible with your operating system. Some Seagate hard disks and WD hard disks are capable of creating backups automatically. Also remember the storage capacity of your HDD will determine its price so a 1 TB hard disk will cost less as compared to a 3 TB HDD. Apart from external hard disks we even offer some cool storage devices like pen drives and PS2 memory cards.

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