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  • Cleaning Kit, Ideal For: Desktop Laptop
  • Lifestyle: Everyday Use
  • Removes Fingerprint Marks
  • Anti Fog
  • Computer Accessories Category

    • Product Type

    • Cleaning Kit
    • Ideal For

    • Desktop | Laptop
    • Lifestyle

    • Everyday Use
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    • Model Series

    • CRGC001
    • Model Number

    • CRGC001

Our lives revolve around gadgets, such that we are always surrounded by them or are using them constantly. Continuous usage is sure to dull the shiny appearance of the screen of your mobile phones or laptops or other essential electronic appliances. Not all cleaning agents are safe to use when it comes to an electronic gadget. So, to give you spotless cleaning without causing any harm or damage to your product get yourself the Croma Multi-Surface Gadget Cleaning Kit. With this you will be able to get back the glossy and sparkling appearance not just on the screen but also of the other surfaces.

All-Round Cleaning

The Croma Multi-Surface Gadget Cleaning Kit is equipped with not just a cleaning agent but also a cleaning brush and a cloth. The soft-bristle brush helps you to clean complex surfaces like a keyboard without any scratch. The lint-free micro fibre cloth is best suited for cleaning smoother and flat surfaces like your phone screen or laptop screen or even TV. This anti-static spray can be used to eliminate static electricity and prevent static cling. The cleaning agent is useful when it comes to remove fingerprint marks along with dust and dirt. The cleaner’s anti-fog properties doesn’t let your gadget get fogged up in AC rooms.

Easy to Use

To clean any gadget it is important to disconnect it from the power supply. Using the micro fibre cloth the surface needs to be wiped first before applying the spray. Then spray the cleaning agent on the other side of the cloth and wipe your gadget with it. Your gadget is now clean with a protective layer.