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  • Device Type: Gas Hob
  • 2 Cooktops
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Heat Source: Gas
  • Burner Specifications: 1 x 2.9 KW, 1 x 1.7 KW
  • 24 Months Warranty


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Why Buy Elica PRO 2 Burner Built-in Gas Hob


  • With Round Knob Control gives a classy look
  • 2 Burners which is compact for a nuclear family
  • Automatic Ignition automatically ignites a gas burner


To get your kitchen the accurate cooktop which ticks all your requirements and fits your given space is important. The all-new and efficient Elica PRO 2 Burner Built-in Gas Hob gives your kitchen a smart and stylish look as well as accentuates your functionality with its effective and proficient performance. Gas is used as a heat source. It features an automatic electric ignition. It offers long-lasting use and compliments the design of your kitchen.


Stay in sync with the advanced technology by bringing home the Elica PRO 2 Burner Built-in Gas Hob online. It improves the appearance of your kitchen. The burners are made of brass which gives a long-lasting performance. The flame failure safety device is used in gas hobs to prevent accidental gas leakage. In case if while cooking the flame goes off then the safety device / FFD immediately cuts off the gas supply to the burner. The knobs are sturdy and perfectly round in shape with a metallic finish. The ignition plug comes with a brass sleeve. So, go ahead and order the Elica PRO 2 Burner Built-in Gas Hob online, right now!

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