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  • Device Type: Hob Top
  • 4 Cooktops
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Burner Specifications: 2 Multi flame 3.75Kw + 2 lotus medium 2.5Kw


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    • Stove/Cooktop
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    • 18002093484
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Enjoy efficient cooking in your kitchen without compromising on your speed and efficiency levels with the help of the brilliant Faber HGG 754 CRS BR CI Cooktop and enjoy a comfortable and efficient cooking experience. The gas stove comes with four different burners which helps you to save a lot of time as you can cook multiple things at the same time. The pan support ensures that your vessel is firmly placed on the stove to give you a safe and comfortable cooking experience. The four burners are all of the different sizes which makes it flexible in nature and suitable to cook dishes on differently sized utensils. The gas stove easy to clean in case of any accidental spills and the granite cut black glass gives it durability making it an ideal product for everyday use.

Flexible Cooking Options

Cooking a number of dishes can be time-consuming but the Faber HGG 754 CRS BR CI Cooktop comes with four differently sized burners so that you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. The gas cooking stove comes with 2 Multi flame 3.75Kw and 2 lotus medium 2.5Kwwhich allows you to cook various dishes and also use utensils of varied sizes for optimum results. This not only improves your efficiency but also helps to save a lot of time in the kitchen.

Easy To Maintain

Apart from being an extremely time-saving option, the Faber HGG 754 CRS BR CI Cooktop is also very easy to maintain. The fixed flat surface makes the gas stove easy to clean in case of any accidental spills. The gas stove is an extremely durable option for everyday use as it comes with a stainless steel construction which does not allow easy damage. The autoignition aids inconvenient usage while the Antileak Technology makes usage very safe for you.

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