Buy Faber Pretty Plus 1000m³/hr 60cm Wall Mount Chimney (Baffle Filter, BK PB LTW 60, Black) Online - Croma
  • 60 cm Wall Mount Chimney
  • 1000 m³/ hr Suction Capacity
  • Baffle Filter
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    • Chimney
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    • 7207666000
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Make things easier for you in the kitchen by installing the Faber Pretty Plus 1000m³/hr 60cm Wall Mount Chimney and have a hassle-free and comfortable cooking experience. It keeps all the unwanted smoke away so that you do not end up coughing your lungs out in the kitchen and prevents your kitchen interiors to be safe as well as it sucks all the smoke that could potentially blacken your walls. The chimney gives you amazing functionality to make it the ideal product for your home. The efficient suction rate of the chimney ensures your kitchen remains smoke-free while the lighting attached to it offers optimal visibility to ensure you get the texture and colour of the food you are cooking right.


Efficient Functioning

Cooking in the kitchen can sometimes be a very harrowing experience due to the different smells and gases being emitted during the cooking process. The Faber Pretty Plus 1000m³/hr 60cm Wall Mount Chimney ensures you have fresh breathable air in the kitchen and enjoy your cooking experience. This chimney has a large suction area and an Air Flow of 1000 m³/h that sucks in all the unwanted air in the kitchen to give you fresh and breathable air. The Baffle Filter ensures effective filtration of all the masala and oil to ensure breathable air and ensures it is easy to clean. It has a large suction area that helps in providing amazing oil suction and also helps to keep the walls of your kitchen safe from easy blackening.


Ideal Addition to Your Kitchen

The Faber Pretty Plus 1000m³/hr 60cm Wall Mount Chimney is a sleek contemporary hood cast in glass and steel. It ensures that your home is odor-free and the walls of your kitchen are protected from potentially blackening substances. It has 2 energy efficient 1.5W LED lamps for better illumination of your countertop. Apart from also helping to keep health issues at bay, the kitchen chimney with its sleek design is sure to add more beauty to your kitchen décor. The 3 Speed Push Button controls are really easy to operate.