Buy Fujifilm X Series 26.1MP Mirrorless Camera (X-Trans CMOS 4 Sensor, X-S10, Black) Online - Croma
  • 26.1 MP, Mirrorless Camera
  • Suitable For: Skilled Photographer | Hobbyist
  • Lens Not Included
  • X-Trans CMOS 4 Sensor
  • Dimensions – 12.60 x 6.54 x 8.51 cms
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Camera Category

    • Camera Type

    • Mirrorless Camera
    • Camera Functions

    • Photo & Video
    • Suitable For

    • Hobbyist | Skilled Photographer
    • Megapixels (Effective)

    • 26.1 MP
    • Lens Specification

    • Lens Not Included
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Fujifilm
    • Model Series

    • X Series
    • Model Number

    • X-S10

Why buy Fujifilm X Series 26.1MP Mirrorless Camera


  • Lightweight Body that elevates creativity
  • Dependable Autofocus for those important moments
  • Compose with Clarity with five-axis In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) unit
  • 26.1 Megapixels to bring out your best
  • Customize Any Film Simulation to make your own distinctive look
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support to easily send images to your smartphone


The world unfolds before the photographer’s eye when you buy Fujifilm X Series 26.1MP Mirrorless Camera. This is a 26.1 MP compact mirrorless camera body that’s packed with cutting-edge technologies to bring out your best as a photographer. The portability and power of this camera will let you connect with your subjects like never before. It is equipped with a high-performance, five-axis In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) unit, which provides vibration reduction for those times you need it most. This high-performance gyroscope and accelerometer help to steady camera shake, allowing for sharper images. This means you can hand-hold the camera at shutter speeds up to six times slower than normal for still images or use it to help create smooth footage in the video. Additionally, X-S10’s IBIS also synchronizes with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system lenses to deliver powerful and reliable image stabilization performance. Great photos evoke deep emotions. Fix your eyes on the subject, envision the story you want to tell, and use this tool to create with meaning. Developed from knowledge and technologies accumulated over 85 years, Fujifilm's Film Simulations produce superb depth, saturation, and tonality that need little-to-no enhancement. Customize any Film Simulation to make your own distinctive look by adjusting a wide range of parameters directly in-camera and modify original colors and textures to create a unique finish and define your creative style. With its high-resolution 4K output that is oversampled from pure 6K data, easy-to-use recording modes, and intuitive controls, the camera lets you record beautifully detailed and natural-looking footage to create high-quality, professional movies. You can even switch to Full HD mode and record at 240 fps, to achieve a 10x slow-motion effect for those times where every part of the action needs to be seen. The Fujifilm X Series 26.1MP Mirrorless Camera’s price shouldn’t set you back considering its features. Based on Superia, a color-negative film loved by generations, this Film Simulation mode provides high-contrast tonal gradation and adds depth and definition to colors by adjusting their shades in highlights and shadows while reducing saturation. Based on Fujichrome Velvia, an ultra-vivid reversal film designed for professional use, this Film Simulation mode provides richer and high-contrast colors than the standard "Provia", normally used by landscape photographers. 18 Film Simulation modes packed with Fujifilm's color science.


More compact means more opportunities! Get the Fujifilm X Series 26.1MP Mirrorless Camera online, which comes with a lightweight body that elevates creativity. Its small, compact frame is designed to lighten the load on both your mind and your body, letting you explore your surroundings more freely and allowing you to, literally, take your photography further. It may weigh just 465 g (16.4 oz), but it doesn’t compromise on build quality or high-end features. The lighter load simply leaves you with more energy to make one more photo, or have more space to carry another lens, giving you a chance to take your photography to new places. It is designed with a 3.0 inch, approx. 1.04 million dots touch screen color LCD monitor. It comes with 23.5mm x 15.6mm (APS-C) X-Trans CMOS 4 with a primary color filter and also comes with Ultra Sonic Vibration. With lightning-fast, accurate, and tenacious low-light autofocus, even the most fleeting of subjects are yours to photograph, so there’s nothing to get in the way of your creativity. Able to acquire focus in just 0.02 sec, advanced Face and Eye Detection AF means your portraits come in crystal clear, and fast-moving subjects are easy to keep sharp consistently with Tracking AF. Even in dimly lit interiors or night-time scenes, there’s no stopping you. Offering full customization and adapting flawlessly to your style of photography, this camera lets you work faster, smarter, and more instinctively. Dedicated Function Settings let you recall frequently used menu items with a single push. You can also store your favorite settings to one of the mode dial’s four custom positions, allowing you to instantly switch between the most appropriate setup for the subject in your frame. Connect with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to easily send images to your smartphone and upload your favourite photos directly to social networking sites or instantly print and share your best images by linking up with a compatible Instax printer. So, wait no more! Purchase the Fujifilm X Series 26.1MP Mirrorless Camera online, right away!