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Havells Crust Two Slice Pop Up Toaster

Product Id: 179055

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  • 2 Slice Capacity
  • 800 W Power Consumption
  • Auto Bread Centering
  • 7 Heat Setting with Electronic Variable Browning
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Havells Crust Two Slice Pop Up Toaster


Product Surface Features
  • Cool touch exterior Yes
Category Type
  • Model Number Crust
  • Brand Havells
Main Product Features
  • Hi-Lift feature for removing small items Yes
Control Features
  • Electronic variable browning control Yes
Functional Features
  • Cancel button Yes
Additional Performance Features
  • No. of slices 2
After Sales Service
  • Warranty 2 Years
Product Description


Imagine the egg on the untoasted bread! � It will make the bread go mushier far faster than toast will, And it is not as crunchy with your Vegemite. Hence, toaster is becoming a common cooking utility found in almost every home to delight your day with. Toasters just don�t make your bread crunchier And delicious for your omelet but goes way beyond to add additional nutritious value to your food chart. The starchy element of toast boost your energy levels to kick-start your day. Instead of consuming normal bread you should consider toasting it to control the blood sugar levels present in bread. Toasted bread has fewer calories in it, as it takes out the moisture in bread that comes from the yeast And it's better for you to eat. The Introduction of Havells Crust Two Slice Pop Up Toaster has opened up gates for elegant kitchen appliance. By reducing the surface area, it has innovatively Designed the bigger 32 mm bread slot allowing you to grill bigger bread with ease. The Auto Bread Centering is its prime feature. The electronic variable browning makes your bread from lightly toasted to very toasted using the seven heat setting. Simply press the cancel button when you want to stop. Your crunched morning time cannot come in the way to your toast owing to the Defrost functionality which allows you to toast slices of bread straight out of the refrigerator. With 800 W power consumption the energy consumption And cooking time is slashed significantly. The cool touch body, safeguards you from any burn if you come in contact with the outer surface. The Bread Carriage gently pop-out toast removing the hassles of pricking-out bread after toast. The crumb tray makes it easier to clean the toaster And most simply slide out And slot back in again.

Design Specifications

Havells Crust Two Slice Pop Up Toaster has been Designed with a distinct aesthetics to toast thicker And freeze bread with minimal user-interface. The cool-touch body keeps its exterior cool protecting you from burn. To switch the toaster on, just pull it down. You can toast smaller bread slices easily with the High-Lift Knob of the Havells Crust Two Slice Pop Up Toaster. The Defrost functionality is stAndardized to allow you toast bread slices straight out of the refrigerator. It�s a perfect toaster which has slots that are long And deep enough to accommodate large slices of bread, And a big heating element to ensure that both the top And bottom of each slice gets browned. Its compact body is Designed with main concerns to cut down the space it occupies And increase user-friendliness. The two slice capacity allows you to toast thicker bread as good as 32 mm slice. It�s a complete kitchen chic due to its attractive body which sinks flawlessly with your kitchen architecture.

Technical Specification

Havells Crust Two Slice Pop Up Toaster enabled with the latest Auto Bread Centering feature, automatically centers the bread no matter how you punch in it. The illuminated defrost settings aim to take the guesswork out of toasting frozen bread, defrosting it first then switching to the toasting cycle so you don't have to change the browning settings. The Crumb Tray slides out with little effort to allow you clean And attach it again. With its 800 W power consumption ability, it utilizes tiny amount of electricity which is not even noticeable on your electric bill. Change the browning level with your changing taste using the Seven Variable Electronic Browning Setting. You can choose to Cancel at any point And restart again. You easily can wind the easily after use with the Cord Winder, to avoid clutter while storing. The stainless steel cage housing offers enhanced durability.


Havells Crust Two Slice Pop Up ToasterFeatures 2 slice capacity, 800 W power consumption, auto bread centering, 7 heat setting with Electronic Variable Browning, Cool Touch Exterior, defrost function, stainless steel cage housing, cord winder, auto bread centering, Hi-Lift feature for small items, cancel button, 32 mm bread slot, illuminated defrost, cancel buttons, crumb tray And electronic variable control.


2 Years Manufacturing Warranty


With bread being the staple food in major countries today And therefore consuming toasted bread has become a universal choice. Hence, toasters have become a convenient kitchen appliance that almost every household contains. Greater nutritional awareness has led to adopting toaster technology which helps control the sugar And insulin levels of your body. Using the Philips HD2595/09 Two Slice Toaster you not only maintain the aesthetics of your kitchen but get an opportunity to exploit the distinct technical Features bundled in it. Your mundane toasting bread can turn out to be a sheer morning toasty delight. Blessed with 32 mm wide bread slot And automatic defrost setting you are relieved of toasting hassles.