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Havells OTG 28RSS Premia

Product Id: 179058

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  • Oven / Toaster / Griller
  • 28 Litres Capacity
  • 1500 W Power Consumption
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Havells OTG 28RSS Premia


Convenience Features
  • Timer Yes
Additional Features
  • Additional features 6 Stage Heat Selector
Category Type
  • Model Number 28RSS Premia
  • Brand Havells
  • Type Oven Toaster Griller
Functional Features
  • Rotisserie Yes
  • Power output (watts) 1500
After Sales Service
  • Warranty 2 Years
Product Description


HAVELLS has Designed a new revolution in the field cooking with its new Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG.In order to catch up with the daily busy schedule Havells OTG will save our precious time on cooking And then also help us to cook delicious food.With Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG in your kitchen we can become MASTERCHEF of our house And have feast on our dinner table every day. Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG can be used to bake cakes, biscuits, naan-kataais And even cook tAndoori dishes. Cooking food in OTG provides a natural aroma, color And texture as it is cooked in its own juices. Regular items such as idlis, kheer, biryani, pulao, rice, kababs And many more delicious dishes can be made very quickly. Apart from cooking all types of vegetarian And non-vegetarian items a microwave oven is also extremely useful for, grilling, baking, toasting etc. Cooking in Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG is very reliable And save a lot of money which we spend on conventional cooking methods such as gas stove as electricity is much cheaper than gas cylinders. Moreover food cooked inHavells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG is very healthy as the oil required for cooking is very less. Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG new inventive cooking technology avoids over-cooking of food at the middle And under-cooked food at the edges And it also facilitates easier placement of big vessels. Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG gives 1500 W of power output. It has been provided with Rotisserie, temperature control And timer. The motorized rotisserie provides for perfect all grilling. Rotisserie is a style of roasting where meat is skewered on a spit - a long solid rod used to hold food while it is being roasted in an oven. The rotation cooks the meat evenly in its own juices And allows easy access for continuous self-basting. The speed of rotation can vary, depending on the type of food being cooked And proximity to the heat source. Spits are now usually driven by electric motors.

Design And Make

The Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG has stainless steel cavity which allows food to be cooked quickly And is easy to clean. Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG is being made by stain resistant stainless steel body. The Design of Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG prevents food particles from accumulating in the corners And enables quick And efficient cleaning. The interiors of Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG are Designed in order to make the cooking And heating more efficient. Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG is very compact in size which will not much space in kitchen. It has been provided with bake tray with drawer type Design so we can use it only when we have to bake biscuits, pastries And cakes. The temperature can be adjusted in the wide range of 100-250 degree Celsius which provides perfect amount of heating required for cooking our food. This OTG helps you cook different types of dishes within a few minutes And saves a lot of your time. Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG is being provided with mechanical timer of 0-60 minute with bell ring. The capacity of this microwave oven is 28 litres. Food grade nonstick is being coated on the bake tray for confirming with the proper hygienic standards.

Technical Features

Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG provides a host of Features And tons of cooking options to your kitchen.Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG oven has 6 stage heat selector, which allows us to select different types of dishes based on the power levels on the appliance.Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG is being provided with switches And mechanical knobs on the dial which are very user friendly And simple to handle And use. These control keys helps you to operate the appliance efficiently. Cooking in Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG is suitable for making tAndoori And grilled dishes. With the help of this feature, you can cook And grill food to make your favorite dishes like pizzas, cakes And grilled chicken. Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG is a smart And instinctive kitchen appliance that supports diverse convection And combination cooking for perfectly cooked food from all the sides. HAVELLS wrapped this OTG with motorized rotisserie function for overall roasting while the tandoor function lets you relish a tAndoori chicken any time you want to. Hygienic cooking becomes easy to achieve thanks to its food grade non stick coated bake tray.


Havells 28 Litres 28RSS Premia OTG does convenient And faster cooking for your favorite cuisine. Also, for your added convenience, the oven has offered some safety And convenience Features such as that makes hAndling And usage of this portable device extremely easy. Precisely, this feature-rich OTG from HAVELLS is a durable, convenient And compact kitchen gadget in an affordable price range.