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  • Approximate Coverage Area – 538 Sq.Ft (49 Sq.M)
  • Puri 5 Technology
  • CADR - 400 m³/hr, PM2.5
  • Pre Filter | HEPA Filter | Activated Carbon Filter | Formaldehyde Filter
  • Dimensions - 25.00 x 38.50 x 56.50 cms
  • Removes Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Air Purifier Category

    • Product Type

    • Air Purifier
    • Coverage Area (Sq.Ft)

    • 538 Sq. Ft.
    • Installation Type

    • Floor Standing
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • Moonbow
    • Model Number

    • HS-KJ400

Why buy Hindware Moonbow Puri 5 Technology Air Purifier

  • PM 2.5 Indicator displays the real-time PM level in the room
  • Air quality indicator displays the superiority of air in the room
  • Auto Mode to sense the air quality of the room and automatically adjusts the settings
  • Fan Speed to facilitate adjustment as per requirements
  • Filter Replacement Indicator to warn about timely changing of filter
  • Child Lock keeps your children safe from fiddling with the purifier
  • Sleep Mode that allows silent operation


Let your lungs breathe in high quality purified air by installing the Hindware Moonbow Puri 5 Technology Air Purifier. The technology truly allows you to have a faster way to breathe easy as it comprises of the Puri 5 technology that helps in faster purification. The purifier is capable of removing 8 times smaller particles with 99.95% efficiency. The Hindware Moonbow Puri 5 Technology Air Purifier removes any kind of odours, harmful gases and any kind of Volatile Organic Compounds easily. The 5 stage filter ensures that the air is cleared off any bacteria and dirt by passing it through the washable pre filter, HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter.


Air quality in the surrounding of your room can be detected with the Hindware Moonbow Puri 5 Technology Air Purifier’s air quality indicator that has different colour changing LED that indicates the quality of the air. The air purifier also comes equipped with an advanced dust sensor technology that has an auto mode function that automatically adjusts the settings as per the air conditions. Due to constant usage, the filter has to be replaced periodically, you need not have to manually check on the filter. The air purifier has a filter replacement indicator that notifies you when it is time to replace the filter. There is a child lock being provided in the purifier so that kids in the house do not tamper with the settings.