Buy Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Hot & Cold Split AC (Ace Reidan RAU518HTH, White) Online – Croma
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  • 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner
  • 5410 Watt of Cooling & 5275 Watt of Heating Capacity
  • 36 dB of Cooling & Heating Indoor Noise Level
  • Alarm Function, Digilock, Silent Cooling
  • Air Conditioner Category

    • Air Conditioner Type

    • Split
    • Air Conditioner Capacity

    • 2 Ton
    • Approximate Coverage Area(Sq.Ft)

    • 170 Sq. Ft.
    • Approximate Coverage Area(Sq.M)

    • 16 Sq.m
    • Installation Type

    • Wall Mount
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • Ace Reidan
    • Model Number

    • RAU518HTH


Give your family extra comfort and care with the Hitachi 1.5 Ton ACE Reidan hot & cold split air conditioner. Be it winters or summers, you can easily have the right cooling and temperature at home. This white split AC will be pleasing to eyes and blend well with the interior of your bedroom or living room. Enjoy uniform cooling with the 4 way air swing and asymmetric louver movement. It gives you the option to choose or customise the settings according to your comfort. You get to choose among an array of modes and features. It has auto fan speed, auto mode, cool mode, heating mode, intelligent defrost mode, Kaimin, my mode, on and off timer with advanced start-up, powerful mode, selectable fan speeds, silent cooling and supercool function. You can select any of these modes and features while relaxing as this AC comes with a remote control. With this 1.5 Ton split air conditioner, you will always enjoy cool and fresh air as it comes with Koukin filter and filter clean indicator. The Koukin filter is a unique anti-bacteria filter that inhibits the growth of bacteria inside your AC. Whenever you AC will get dirty and demand cleaning the intelligent filter clean indicator will intimate. This indicator light will remain on until you clean the AC. Other features include 4 speed setting, 5410 W cooling and 5275 W heating capacity, and 36 dB cooling and heating indoor noise level.


This Hitachi 1.5 Ton split air conditioner is designed to help you beat the heat or chill with ease. Equipped with 4 way air swing and asymmetric louver movement you will always enjoy uniform cooling experience. Its auto climate technology makes it appropriate for all weathers and cities as it come with time zone, temperature and date information of various cities. Whether you buy this AC in Gujarat, and later have your transfer in Jammu & Kashmir you can still enjoy efficient and effective cooling experience. If you are not sure of the required settings simply opt for auto mode or auto fan speed and enjoy required cooling. While, sleeping in the night if there is a power cut you will not have to wake up and turn on the AC when power supply resumes. It comes with auto restart function and your AC will start on its own. For easy operations, you can also select and have up to 3 different settings in my mode and quickly choose the one you require. Ensuring that no one changes the settings you can make use of digilock and prevent misuse. For efficient cooling and energy saving, you have options like Kaimin and alarm function. If you opt for Kaimin technology then this Hitachi split air conditioner will continue to increase the temperature by 1 degree Celsius for up to 4 hours, and then it maintain the optimum temperature. With alarm function, you can select the start and end time and sleep well. You can also opt for silent cooling mode and sleep with minimal noise level. This AC comes with Rotary compressor and offers 1 year warranty on the product and 4 years on the compressor.

Comfort at its Best

With this hot & cold split air conditioner, you will get to experience comfort at its best. During summers, you can opt for the cool mode while during winters you can switch to the heating mode. In the cool mode, you can select the temperature from 16 to 32 degrees Celsius. While, during the heating mode this AC will provide you optimum heating to keep you warm and cosy. Experience comfort like never before when you bring this state-of-the-art split AC from the house of Hitachi. It�s on and off timer with advanced start-up is designed to give you the perfect cooling anytime. Before you plan to venture out just set the desired temperature and this intelligent mechanism will calculate the time and existing temperature, and provide you with your required cooling when you return home. If you forget to set the timer don�t worry this Hitachi split air conditioner provides you with various alternatives. You can select Supercool function or powerful mode for quick and efficient cooling. Its intelligent defrost mode ensures that there is no frosting on your AC that can hamper the cooling process.


If you like to have optimum temperature at home or you stay in the city with extreme weather then this Hitachi 1.5 Ton hot & cold split air conditioner white can be a fine choice.