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Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (RAU518EUDA, White)

Product Id: 181368

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  • 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner
  • 5700 Watt of Cooling Capacity
  • BEE 5 Star Rating
  • 34 dB of Indoor Noise Level
  • Filter Clean Indicator, Silent Cooling

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Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (RAU518EUDA, White)


Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (RAU518EUDA, White) Item Details

  • Speed Settings 5
Dimension and Weigth
  • Weight (Outdoor unit) 45 Kg
  • Weight (Indoor unit) 12.9 Kg
Certifications and Standards
  • Star Rating 5
Electrical Features
  • Running current (Amps) 6.7
  • Power input (watts) 1500
Accessories Included
  • Remote Control LCD Wireless
Frequency Range
  • Voltage / Frequency / Phase 230/50/1
After Sales Service
  • Warranty Product- 1 Year / Compressor- 4 Years
Cooling Feature
  • Cooling capacity (w) 5700
  • Noise level indoor (High/Medium/Low) (db) 34
  • Compressor type Rotary
Air Flow Features
  • Air Direction (Up/Down) 4 Way Air Swing
  • Type of Air Conditioner Split
  • Brand Hitachi
  • Nominal Capacity 1.5 Ton
Product Aesthetics
  • Color White

Highlights of Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (RAU518EUDA, White)

Description for Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (RAU518EUDA, White)


Feel the chill and beat the heat with ease this summer with the Hitachi 1.5 Ton ACE Follow Me split air conditioner. The white AC with 1.5 capacity ton can be apt for your bedroom or living room. Equipped with 4 way air swing and asymmetric louver movement, cooling up large spaces in peak summers will be quick and easy. The 4 way air swing spreads uniform cooling in the room and the asymmetric louver movement provides balance air-flow by setting the vertical louver movements in 2 opposite directions. Easy to use and maintain, this AC comes with digilock and filter clean indicator. It intimates you that the AC needs cleaning for proper functioning. Monitoring and managing the optimum temperature inside the room will be easy with the on and off timer feature in this split AC system. You can set the timer according to your requirement and sleep comfortably. During peak summers, when you need to keep the AC running for longer hours you can opt for Kaimin mode. Once you switch the AC in this mode it will automatically keep adjusting the room temperature best suitable for your body and room. Durable and lasting, the AC has precoated aluminium fin that prevent rusting, and it has inner grooved copper and stainless steel plated filter.


Designed to perform the 1.5 Ton split air conditioner comes with various smart modes that will help you stay relaxed and cool through the summers. It features cool mode under which you can select the temperature according to your comfort level and sleep well. Equipped with defrosting sensor, this AC offers you optimum and efficient cooling if you keep it running for long hours, as well. Only press the defrost button the remote control and enjoy proper cooling. Enjoy quick cooling with the supercool function in which the AC delivers its best cooling and works at its maximum level. Powered with lower pull down time and low derating, this AC is designed to deliver perfectly in peak summers, as well. It has a different air delivery system and twin turbo fans that can cool down the room temperature quickly, reducing the pull down time. The low derating function can deliver efficient cooling at very high temperature levels, as well. Ensuring that you always sleep well and sound, this split AC, comes with silent cooling mode. It can work in auto, cool and fan mode, and the AC will work silently. This silent cooling mode can be apt to enjoy a perfect sound sleep. There are various other modes in this split AC like dry mode, my mode and powerful mode. Energy efficient and effective the Rotary compressor ensures better cooling with low energy consumption and vibration. This Hitachi split air conditioner comes with BEE 5 star rating, 1 year warranty on the product and 4 years on the compressor.

Your AC is Following You

When you bring home this Hitachi 1.5 ton split air conditioner be ready for a super cool and fun experience. It comes with Follow Me feature that directs the air-flow in your direction. This intelligent system has built-in sensors that can detect slight body movement, and change the direction of air. Switching the air swing feature on and off all the time will become a thing of the past when you have the Follow Me feature. Just press the feature on the AC remote and the cool breeze shall follow you. There are also several other automatic features that come in this best split AC improvising your experience. It has features like auto climate technology, auto fan speed, auto humid control, auto power save mode and auto restart. With the auto fan speed function, once the compressor is cut-off or the desired room temperature as set by you is attained, the fan speed slows down. There is also a provision to select the fan speed best suited for your body and room. With the auto power save mode, this AC selects the temperature and fan speed, providing you optimum cooling. In the event of a power-cut, you will not have to wake-up and turn on the AC, equipped with auto restart function, it automatically restarts when power-supply resumes.


Welcome summers when you bring home the Hitachi 1.2 Ton split air conditioner white. Sit in any direction and the follow me will provide you cool air everywhere. At night, turn the Kiamin or sleep mode, and you can enjoy sound sleep, with this AC. It offers 5 speed setting, 5700 W cooling capacity and 34 dB indoor noise level.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (RAU518EUDA, White) Rate & Review