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Hitachi 489 L R-V540PND3KX Frost Free Refrigerator (Inox)

Product Id: 192385

  ₹37,914.00 ₹71,000.00
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  • BEE 3 star rating
  • 489 litres capacity
  • Dual Fan Cooling
  • Mould-proof door gasket
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Hitachi 489 L R-V540PND3KX Frost Free Refrigerator (Inox)


Hygiene Features
  • Deodorising Yes
Certifications and Standards
  • Star Rating 3
Shelf Features
  • Large bottle shelf Yes
  • Material used for shelves Tempered Glass
  • Brand Hitachi
  • Capacity 489 Litres
Product Description

Lock in the Freshness

Ensure that your food remains fresh and healthy with the Hitachi R-V540PND3KX Frost Free Refrigerator. It uses sophisticated technology to help maintain the freshness. The Dual Fan cooling system makes sure that the cooling in the freezer and refrigerator compartments is independent and efficient by employing separate fans in both the sections

You can adjust the temperature in each side of the compartment between the dairy mode and the vegetable mode using select levers. This keeps the temperature in the compartment optimized to the food stored to offer the best output. The vegetable compartment has a moisture guard which maintains an optimum moisture level so that the vegetables remain fresh.

Efficient Power Saving

Saving power goes a long way in prevention of global warming and it also reduces your electricity bills. This refrigerator has a superior Inverter technology and Eco Thermo sensors that calculate the temperature of different sections of the refrigerator and optimize the cooling accordingly.

Moreover, the refrigerator uses LED lights instead of the conventional lamps. These lights are power efficient and also last for a long time as compared to their counterparts. The refrigerant used in the Hitachi R-V540PND3KX Frost Free Refrigerator is CFC-free so the stress on the environment is relatively lower.

Superior Utility

To add convenience to your lifestyle, this refrigerator has features that ensures an optimal utilization of space. It has a movable ice tray that helps you use your freezer more efficiently. The pockets on the door are adjustable and therefore, allow you to arrange smaller articles together so you have more real estate for larger bottles and jars.

To further enhance the utility, the door has an innovative and elegant flat glass touch panel that controls the refrigerator settings. The surface of this panel is tempered which makes cleaning it an easy task.

Additional Features

This refrigerator has the revolutionary Nano Titanium Filter which makes sure that your fridge is free from odour and bacteria. It eliminates the tiniest of bacteria and deodorizes any smell coming out of your refrigerator. The tempered glass shelves make storing heavy utensils a worriless operation as they can endure up to 100 Kg of weight without breaking.