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Hitachi 586 litres R-W660FPND3X-(GBW)-(Delux) Side By Side Frost Free Refrigerator (Glass Brown)

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  • Selectable Mode Compartment
  • Automatic Ice Maker
  • Eco Thermo Sensor
  • Moldproof Door Gasket
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Hitachi 586 litres R-W660FPND3X-(GBW)-(Delux) Side By Side Frost Free Refrigerator (Glass Brown)


Dimension and Weigth
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 855 x 727 x 1/835
Shelf Features
  • Material used for shelves Tempered Glass
  • Separator for vegetable and fruits Yes
  • Brand Hitachi
  • Capacity 586 Litres
Product Description


The Hitachi 586 litres R-W660FPND3X-(GBW)-(Delux) Side By Side Frost Free Refrigerator is designed to offer you the freshest and healthiest experience. Its flaunts a brown coloured glass door with convenient handle which adds beauty to your kitchen and grabs every ones attention. It features selectable mode compartment, big & moisture-guard vegetable compartment, front air flow, LED Light, adjustable pockets, power cool pocket, tempered glass shelves, automatic ice maker, inverter control, dual fan cooling, quick freezing, eco thermo sensor, nano titanium filter, blue digital display, moldproof door gasket and much more that provides flexibility to use.


The 586 litres R-W660FPND3X-(GBW)-(Delux) Frost Free refrigerator features high gloss easy clean brown coloured glass door that is quiet easy to clean and has handle with which there is no protrusions to catch on clothing or other objects. The transparent interiors of this refrigerator renders a clean and fresh look. Its tempered glass shelves is designed to hold heavy utensils without damage to the glass. So, store your heavy watermelon in the fridge without worrying about heavy loading and damage to your fridge. It also has LED light that illuminates interior of the refrigerator more brightly.


The 586 litres R-W660FPND3X-(GBW)-(Delux) Frost Free refrigerator features selectable mode compartment that has two modes i.e., Vegetable mode and Dairy/Meat mode. You can switch to vegetable mode when you need to store large quantity of fruits and veggies and this mode also enables convenient storage for easily damaged soft fruits and veggies. And the Dairy/Meat mode stores and keeps meat and fish fresh for long and also thaws frozen meals. The big and moisture guard vegetable compartment works to control air circulation to maintain optimal humidity, creating an ideal environment to store fresh vegetables and fruit for a longer period of time. A tight seal prevents moisture from escaping when humidity levels are low and a vent releases excess moisture when humidity levels are too high. The inverter control intelligently varies its power and running speed (as a variable) as per the immediate cooling requirement of the compressor. It significantly increases the overall efficiency. This provides options for quick pull down or freezing, or to run at a very low speed once the cabinet is at a steady state, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption by 40%. With its adjustable pockets you can keep the 2 litre bottle sufficiently by adjusting those pockets. The power cool pocket will keep your food items fresh and cold even when the power to the refrigerator is turned Off. This maintains a low temperature in the freezer section and keeps the air cool to prevent foods from melting or getting spoiled during a power cut- that too for up to 12 hours. The dual cooling fans circulates the cold air into the freezer and the refrigerator compartments with the help of the inverter system and thus ensuring fast cooling. The Nano titanium filter deodorizes the unpleasant smell from dried-up spills inside the fridge and extends food life, reduces food spoilage, promotes a clean refrigerator environment and eliminates odours. It also features automatic ice maker, eco thermo sensor, blue digital display and moldproof door gasket.


The 586 litres R-W660FPND3X-(GBW)-(Delux) Double Door Frost Free refrigerator helps you and your family maintain a healthier, greener lifestyle while also lowering your energy bill and keeps your food items fresh for long.