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Hitachi 722 Litres R-D6800ND (XK) Frost Free Refrigerator

Product Id: 192382

  ₹236,774.00 ₹304,260.00
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  • 722 litres capacity
  • 6 Door refrigerator
  • Frost free defrosting
  • Power saving mode

Hitachi 722 Litres R-D6800ND (XK) Frost Free Refrigerator


Hygiene Features
  • Deodorising Yes
Dimension and Weigth
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 825 x 728 x 1818
Shelf Features
  • Egg Rack Yes
  • Adjustable shelves Yes
  • Large bottle shelf Yes
  • Material used for shelves Tempered Glass
  • Brand Hitachi
  • Capacity 722 Litres
Product Description

Efficient Cooling

Bring home the Hitachi R-D6800ND and experience a change in your lifestyle. This Japanese-made refrigerator is built to suit every need of a modern home. It has a Vacuum Insulation Panel that provides a superior cooling while being efficient. This panel is embedded in the walls hence giving you more storage space

Unlike conventional refrigerators, this has a Dual fan cooling system that chills the fridge faster. This is due to an additional fan in the refrigerator compartment along with the one that is in the freezer compartment. Now you can open your refrigerator door as many times as you�d like without worrying about the cooling.

Moreover, it has intelligent flaps and sensors that detect the temperature on all shelves and sections of the fridge independently and hence achieves an ideal cooling temperature at all times.

Delightful Freshness

With this refrigerator, freshness of your food is assured. It has a inimitably designed vacuum preservation that extracts the air from the compartments. This ensures that the action of enzymes is reduced and also prevents oxidation.

The Photocatalyst Preservation used in this refrigerator has 3 LED lights that control the environment in which your fish, meat, fruits and vegetables are kept by producing more carbon dioxide. This is done to suppress the growth of microbes and make sure that your refrigerator remains odour-free.

Speedy Defrost

This refrigerator takes care of defrosting frozen foods and meat with the Aluminium tray that has a high heat conductivity. This tray is placed at the bottom of the case and it controls and prevents the dripping due to melting of ice and makes sure that your frozen food defrosts in a proficient manner without impacting the taste or texture.

Environment Friendly

The Hitachi R-D6800ND cools each compartment individually. This reduces wastage of energy. It also has a power saving mode that sounds an alarm when the door is left open for more than 30 seconds. It dims the LED lights after this period. The refrigerator uses a CFC-free refrigerant that minimizes its contribution to global warming.

Contrary to traditional cooling systems, the frost formed is recycled and the cooling it generates is sent through various compartments of the fridge. This reduces the power consumption and saves electricity

Additional Convenience

For increased user convenience, this refrigerator has a digital display touch. It makes controlling the refrigerator�s functions easy and hassle-free. Furthermore, the doors have a tempered glass finish that gives your refrigerator an ultra-glossy look. This finish is scratch-proof and easier to clean.