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Portable ACs
  (11 Products)

Portable ACs

11 Products found
    • Capacity 2 Ton
    • Dual Rotary Compressor
    • 3 Star Rating
    • Maximum Air Circulation 706 CFM
    • Copper Condenser

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    • Capacity : 1.5 Ton
    • Mesh Filter
    • Blue Evaparator and condenser Fins
    • On/Off Indicator
    • Water-Auto-Evaporated

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    • Capacity 4 Ton
    • Cooling Capacity of 12200 Watt
    • R22 Refrigerant
    • Scroll Compressor

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    • Capacity 3 Ton
    • Cooling Capacity of 10450 Watt
    • R22 Refrigerant
    • Scroll Compressor

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    • Capacity 2 Ton
    • Cooling Capacity of 6310 Watt
    • R32 Refrigerant
    • Rotary Compressor

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  • Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC (White, LP12B01TP, Copper Condenser)

    ₹39,990.00   ₹26,990.00
    33% OFF
    • 1 Ton Capacity
    • Rotary Compressor
    • Air Flow: 595 m3/Hour
    • Voltage: 230 Volt
    • Clean Air Filter

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  • Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC (PC12DB, Copper Condenser, White)

    ₹35,000.00   ₹25,990.00
    26% OFF
    • R-410A Refrigerant
    • Copper Condenser
    • Hydrophilic Gold Fin Evaporator
    • Dust Filter and Silver Coating
    • Self-Diagnosis

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    • Copper Condenser
    • Dehumidification Feature
    • Auto Restart Option
    • Anti-Bacterial Filters
    • Convenient Remote Control

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  • Super General 1.5 Ton Portable AC (SGPI182, Copper Condenser, White)

    ₹40,000.00   ₹30,994.00
    23% OFF
    • 1.5 ton Capacity with 3 speed oscillating fan
    • No drip technology and anti-bacterial air filter
    • 3-in-1: Air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan
    • Remote with LED display and timer

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  • Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC (CRC1186, White)

    ₹37,000.00   ₹14,494.00
    61% OFF
    • No Drip Technology
    • 3 Speed Oscillating Fan
    • 1.5 Ton Capacity
    • Full Function LCD Remote

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  • Croma 1 Ton 3 Star Portable AC (CRC1067, White)

    ₹26,000.00   ₹14,994.00
    42% OFF
    • 1 Ton Portable Conditioner
    • 3 in 1 Air conditioner/fan/dehumidifier
    • Digital display, On-Off timer functions
    • Energy efficient Rotary Compressor

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    Buy Portable Air Conditioners

    India experiences tropical heat almost throughout the year. It is not feasible to install air conditioners in all rooms of the house. Portable air conditioners allow you enhanced mobility. This portable air conditioner can easily be moved from one room to another. This means that you can easily relocate the air conditioner as per your needs. This makes sure that you can enjoy cool air at all times.

    Best portable AC�s

    Portable air conditioners allow you to easily enjoy cool air in any room of your home. This also reduces energy bills as you can move this portable air conditioner wherever you prefer. Portable ACs feature no drip technology, which allow them to cool the room without creating a slippery mess on the floor. Discover amazing offers and great discounts on portable air conditioners online. Checkout the latest range of portable air conditioners on Croma.com

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    Feel free to choose from a wide range of portable air conditioners available on Croma.com. Choose from popular brands like Lloyd, Samsung, LG and Croma. Keep your home cool with the latest portable air conditioners with amazing offers. Enjoy unbelievable discounts when you buy portable ac online. Portable air conditioners also come with a fully functioning wireless remote. This allows you to easily manage the various settings and parameters of the air conditioner from the comfort of our home.

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    LG is known for manufacturing world-class portable air conditioners. LG portable air conditioners ensure that you stay cool. Portable air conditioners from LG feature a multitude of innovative technologies that ensure that you enjoy extremely fast cooling without huge electricity bills.

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    Samsung is a tried and trusted brand in electronics, appliances and cooling solutions. Samsung brings you a wide range of portable air conditioners to fit every budget. Buy Samsung portable ac online on Croma.com. Samsung offers you complete cooling solutions for your home. Samsung portable air conditioners ensure that you always stay cool and comfortable.

    Best Price on portable Air Conditioners Online

    There are two major types of air conditioners, split and window. People nowadays are looking towards a cooling solution that is both powerful as well as portable. This is where portable air conditioners come in. Portable air conditioners are also perfect for people who do not want a permanent installation of AC in one room. Portable air conditioners provide the ease of mobility which traditional air conditioners cannot match. We offer you an extensive range of portable air conditioners at amazing prices. Buy portable air conditioners online at Croma.com. You can also order your AC online and get it delivered to your home. Choose from top brands of portable air conditioners such as Samsung, Croma, Lloyd and LG.

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    Get Customer Reviews On All Portable Air Conditioners Online

    Buy Portable AC and check online Portable Air Conditioners prices with ease and convenience only on Croma.com. Read listed features, detailed descriptions, and technical specifications on cooling capacity, energy star rating and customer reviews, all of which enable you to make an informed purchase of Portable Air Conditioners online. Order from our amazing collection of portable air conditioners today and get them delivered on your doorstep.
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