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Air Coolers

207 Products found
  • Kenstar Vibrant KCHVBF3H-FCA Room Cooler (White)

    ₹7,990.00   ₹94.00
    99% OFF
    • 20 Litres Water Tank Capacity
    • 2 Speed Control
    • 20 Sq. Meters Cooling Area
    • Honey Comb Cooling Media

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  • Croma CRAF2042 Room Cooler (Grey)

    ₹6,000.00   ₹204.00
    97% OFF
    • 20 Litres Water Tank Capacity
    • 3 Speed Control
    • ABS Body
    • Castor Wheels, 4 Way Air Flow, Honey Comb Technology

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  • Voltas 28 Litres VB-P28M Personal Air Cooler (White)

    ₹8,500.00   ₹994.00
    88% OFF
    • 1210 Cumh Air Flow
    • Honeycomb Pad & Dust Filter
    • Oscillating Swing Control
    • Works on Inverter

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    • 1250 m3/hr Air Delivery
    • Honeycomb Cooling Pads
    • 19 Litre Tank Capacity
    • 4 Way Air Deflection

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  • Voltas VA-P18M 18 Litre Personal Cooler (White)

    ₹9,500.00   ₹994.00
    90% OFF
    • Oscillating Swing Control
    • 18 Litres Tank Capacity
    • Honeycomb pad Cooling Media
    • 19.5 feet Air Throw Distance

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  • Blue Star BS-AR25PA 25 Litres Tower Air Cooler (White)

    ₹7,590.00   ₹1,294.00
    83% OFF
    • Cross Drift Technology
    • PM2.5 Silver Nano Purification
    • Manual Knob Function
    • Thermal Overload Protection
    • 25 Liter Water Tank

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  • Voltas VJ-P15MH 15-litre Room Cooler (White)

    ₹6,500.00   ₹1,494.00
    77% OFF
    • 15 litre tank capacity
    • 3-speed control
    • Water level indicator
    • Dust filter included

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  • Kenstar Little DxCP0118H Cooler (White)

    ₹6,140.00   ₹1,497.00
    76% OFF
    • Honeycomb technology
    • High impact resistant ABS engineering plastic body
    • Inverter compatible
    • Suitable for arid climate and coastal regions
    • Ideal for cubicles, offices and large air conditioned rooms

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    • 1100 m3/hr Air Delivery
    • Honeycomb Cooling Medium
    • 20 Litre Tank Capacity
    • 4 Way Air Deflection

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  • Kenstar Slim Line SD 0434 Room Cooler (White)

    ₹9,290.00   ₹1,994.00
    79% OFF
    • 30 Litres Water Tank Capacity
    • 3 Speed Controls
    • ABS Plastic Body
    • 55 Sq. Metres Cooling Capacity, Quadraflow Technology

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  • McCoy R/Cooler 30L Seal Plus with Remote

    ₹8,290.00   ₹1,994.00
    76% OFF

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  • Kenstar R/Cooler Little Cool

    ₹5,990.00   ₹1,994.00
    67% OFF

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  • McCoy Colonel 45 Litres Air Cooler (White)

    ₹12,290.00   ₹1,994.00
    84% OFF
    • 45 litres capacity
    • Air Delivery 3150 M3/hr
    • 360 degree deflection
    • Cooling Area 550 Sq. Ft.

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  • Kenstar Slim Line Cooler (White)

    ₹8,390.00   ₹1,994.00
    76% OFF
    • 6 blade powerful fan
    • Quadra flow technology
    • High cooling capacity tank of 30 Litres
    • Large area coverage
    • Energy efficient

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  • Usha Honeywell CL 15AE Air Cooler (White)

    ₹12,090.00   ₹1,994.00
    84% OFF
    • Honeycomb Cooling Media
    • 4 speed options
    • 15 litres capacity
    • Digital Panel with LED display

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      • Air Delivery Rate : 450 m3/Hour
      • Honey-Comb Cooling Pads
      • Tank Capacity : 10 Litres
      • Inverter Compatibility
      • Crafted with Ice-Chamber

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    • Usha Honeywell CL 15AM Room Cooler (Black)

      ₹10,990.00   ₹2,994.00
      73% OFF
      • 15 Litres Water Tank Capacity
      • 3 Speed Control
      • ABS Plastic Body
      • Castors Wheels, Works on Inverter, Honeycomb Cooling Media

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    • Bajaj TC 2010 Room Cooler (White)

      ₹7,990.00   ₹2,994.00
      63% OFF
      • 20 Litres Water Tank Capacity
      • 3 Speed Control
      • Plastic Body
      • Castors Wheels, Ideal for Bedrooms & Offices

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    • McCoy R/Cooler 17L Captain

      ₹6,590.00   ₹2,994.00
      55% OFF
      • 100 percent rust proof ABS body
      • Powerful heavy duty motor
      • Large and powerful three speed blower
      • Long air throw of 25 ft.

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    • Kenstar 50 Litres GLAM 50R Air Cooler (White)

      ₹10,990.00   ₹2,994.00
      73% OFF
      • 1300 m3/hr Air Delivery
      • Honeycomb Cooling Medium
      • 50 Litre Tank Capacity
      • Top Loading Ice Chamber

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    • Marc Elite-45 Room Cooler

      ₹8,900.00   ₹2,994.00
      66% OFF
      • 45 Litres Water Tank Capacity
      • 3 Speed Levels
      • Wood Wool Pads Cooling Media
      • Vertical Louvers Movement

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    • Kenstar 15 Litres GLAM 15R Air Cooler (White)

      ₹7,990.00   ₹2,994.00
      63% OFF
      • 1050 m3/hr Air Delivery
      • Honeycomb Cooling Medium
      • Mosquito Net/Dust Filter
      • Air Throw Distance 24ft(approx.)

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    • McCoy 34 Litres Major Air Cooler (White)

      ₹7,590.00   ₹3,794.00
      50% OFF
      • 34 Litres Water Tank Capacity
      • 3 Speed Control
      • Virgin ABS Body
      • Castor Wheels For Easy Mobility

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      Standard delivery available for 5000+ pin codes.

    • Bajaj DC2015 ICON Digital 43 Litre Room Cooler (White)

      ₹12,990.00   ₹3,894.00
      70% OFF
      • 4-way Air Deflection cooling
      • 3-way speed control
      • 43 litres water tank
      • Castor wheels

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      Beat the heat with air coolers


      With mercury reaching newer heights, staying calm and relaxed has become increasingly difficult. An economical way to keep you composed during the sweltering heat is through the use of an air cooler. Simple and elegant, the cooler perfectly blends into the ambiance of the room. The air cooler generally features compact construction and with the help of castor wheels at its base, can be shifted with ease into any room you want. Through easy operation and maintenance capabilities, they are a perfect addition to your living room this summer.


      Choose the best air cooler in India this summer


      Air coolers come in a variety of sizes and capacities; and can be used for both, personal or commercial purposes. It is, therefore, imperative to choose the right cooler based on your specific requirements. A desert cooler provides much faster and efficient cooling than a room cooler. However, the desert cooler is preferable in arid areas or places where the air remains dry for most of the year. Desert Air Coolers are also called window coolers as they are mostly installed on or near a window. A room cooler is ideal for residences with smaller room sizes and higher humidity. The room cooler may be a personal cooler or a tower cooler. When you need individual cooling, the compact personal cooler is what you need. If style and power are your focus, then tower coolers are the way to go. Air coolers with water will give you a similar feel of a window ACs or a Split ACs as they maintain the right amount of moisture in the air and vaporizing water helps keep the room cool. Air coolers without water functions as a ceiling fan.


      Buy Air Coolers online


      The demand for an energy efficient air cooler has led to brands such as Symphony, Voltas and Bajaj emerging as front runners in the sale of air coolers. The Symphony air cooler, Voltas air cooler, Samsung air cooler, LG air cooler are all synonymous with cooling and comfort. Croma provides all this and much more. If you hail from regions were the climate is particularly dry, look up for the Desert coolers of brands like Symphony, Bajaj, or Voltas. Stay fresh during work or sleep with impressive options available on our online and offline stores. Browse through an exhaustive list, compare air cooler prices and select the best air cooler online at croma.com- your one-stop shopping destination.


      Get Reviews on Each Branded Air Cooler


      With wide-ranging options for specific functions, selecting the best cooler is of paramount importance. However, the exhaustive list of available air cooler options has naturally led to confusion among prospective buyers and has made it harder for them to select the best air cooler that suits their needs. At Croma, our experts are available to give you a clear idea of what to expect from each of the available options so that you can make an informed choice before purchasing your latest air cooler through offers at Croma.


      Receive Your Air Cooler at Your Doorstep


      Once you have placed the order, your air cooler is packed and dispatched in the shortest possible time. Croma also offers you multiple payment options like bank cards, net banking, wallets, EMI and Cash on delivery. You don't have to go anywhere as your brand new cooler gets delivered right where you live. This lets you experience the joy of shopping for your favourite air cooler online by saving both your time and energy at Croma.com.