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Water Dispensers

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According to reports, approximately 780 million people live without clean drinking water. Globally, about 4.5 billion people already live within 50 km of an “impaired” water resource which means either it is running dry, or polluted. Croma offers a wide range of water dispensers to ensure no matter what the season or altitude is, you can have easy access to drinking water storage at home or in office.

Need for Water Dispenser

Most of us have witnessed one or more of the following water scenarios around us. Establishments with water pipe connection, have water flowing in at only certain times. Many do not have drinking water pipe connection. For places where water is stored in tanks, the dependence is on the motors that run at frequent intervals to draw water up, making it expensive. Water dispensers provide economical and easy alternative to drinking water storage be it the coastal or the plains; urban or rural; home, shops or organizations.

Water Dispenser Types

Water dispensers are generally floor mounted but if you are falling short of space, then table top water dispensers are what, fits the bill. Water dispensers have a cooling and a heating capacity so that you have access to both cold and hot water. These capacities are indicated in liters per hour. Number of water taps or faucets in water dispenser could be two (hot, cold) or three (hot, cold, ambient). Each comes with their own storage capacity.To amaze you further, water dispensers come with a refrigerator too. The popular brands Voltas Water Dispenser and Blue star water dispenser feature refrigerators. Save hours of traveling by buying water dispenser online at Croma.com

What to Look for When Buying a Water Dispenser

Hot, cold and warm water indicators help one to monitor the status of the cooling and heating mode. Voltas water dispenser and Blue Star water dispenser feature highly efficient compressor. Water Drip Tray helps to keep the area around the dispenser clean. Push type faucets are in vogue. Water dispenser with overheat protection and hot water dispensing lock for safety are safe and a must have.

Buy the Ideal Water Dispenser Online

Buying water dispensers online at Croma is a breeze as all information including the cooling and the heating capacity and power consumption, unique features and other specification are detailed for your perusal. We have roped in most of the brands to give you a diverse buying experience. You can filter searches as per the water dispenser prices and brands. You can scour through our ‘Latest Arrival’ and ‘Top rated’ water dispensers. The search results can be further sorted according to name (ascending/descending) and price (lowest/highest). Read what others are saying about the water dispensers online to help you make an informed decision.

Water Dispenser Price

If a water dispenser price is what you are thinking of, then we at Croma offer comparatively best deals. We delight our customers by including coupon or discounts that further reduce the costs. You can pay through multiple payment options. Voltas water dispenser prices and Blue Star water dispenser prices are competitive for every available capacity. What more! You can order the water dispenser online and have it home delivered at your doorstep.

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