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Water Purifiers

Buy Water Purifiers Online

Enjoy Clean Water with a Water Purifier

The water quality that is available in India is not safe to drink without treating it first. Due to the rising pollution levels and urbanization, water pollution has become a major concern. Thousands of people die each year because they do not have access to pure drinking water. It is also the major cause of several illnesses ranging from skin to digestive diseases.

Enjoy Purified Drinking Water

Water is the element of life. It is very important that everyone has access to potable water. This is why there has been a significant growth in the water purifier industry. You will find that there are water purifiers fit for every need and budget. Further, total dissolved solids (TDS) which comprise of inorganic salts and small amounts of organic matter that are dissolved in water. It is essential to get your water TDS tested before choosing a water purifier for home.

RO Water Purifiers

RO water purifiers are ideally suited for homes where the water supply is high TDS with a lot of impurities. There are other things in the water such as rust from pipes, pollution, bacteria, fungi and other harmful contents. An RO water purifier ensures that all these impurities and elements are removed from the water to keep you healthy.

UV Water Purifiers

The places where water supply is of low TDS, a UV water purifier is more than sufficient to provide germ-free, healthy drinking water. It features a built-in UV lamp which effectively deactivates all the microorganisms in your water to give you safe drinking water. This protects you from a large variety of diseases and keeps you healthy.

Buy RO/UV water purifiers online

There are also hybrid water purifier options available in the market. These feature up to 7 times of filtration processes such as sedimentation, UV, RO, carbon blocks to remove all kinds of impurities from your water supply. They even feature a built-in TDS controller that allows you to easily set the level of purification based on your water quality. You can even refer to customer reviews for every product to make an informed decision while purchasing your Water Purifier.

Choose Your Ideal Water Purifiers

The kind of water supply in your area determines the type of water purifier you should choose. Select from top manufactures when you buy a water purifier online. Brands such as Kent, Pureit, Aquaguard and Eureka Forbes offer a wide range of water purifiers which cater to all types of requirements. Keep your loved ones healthy and safe from water-borne diseases by installing a water purifier in your home.

Buy Water Purifiers at Best Price

Water purifiers are now available at very affordable prices. This makes pure water accessible to a lot more families. There are also non-electric water purifiers available for household that only need basic filtration as the water supply is less polluted. These water purifiers feature a carbon block which effectively removes impurities from the water. Choose a water purifier that fits your price range. Head over to Croma.com today and select from a huge collection of water purifiers. Compare between various models based on specifications, features, customer reviews and price. We offer prompt delivery all across India with exceptional customer service.

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