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How Do Laptops Work


The overall working of laptops and desktops is the same. They have a basic hardware, software and operating system. The primary difference is that how these components fit together. A desktop computer includes a motherboard, hard-drive, RAM, and other components in a large case entirely called as CPU (Central Processing Unit). The monitor and keyboard are connected with cables. A laptop however is much smaller, lighter, and compact. Its screen is an integrated part of the unit, along with its keyboard and mouse. Instead of taking up space like desktop computers, a laptop uses a small, flat design where all parts are integrated in to one.

 Why to Choose a Laptop

The foremost advantage of choosing a laptop is its portability. Laptops basically provide the same functions as that of desktop computers, but their power sources differ. Be it features or efficiency, laptops these days can match a typical desktop and cater to almost all your computing needs. Tablets offer a higher portability than laptops, but on the other hand lack in efficiency and multitasking. On comparison with desktop computers and Tablets, laptops have certain advantages over them.