IFB 5.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Eva Aqua VX, White) - Price, Specifications & Features
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  • 5.5 Kg Automatic Machine
  • Front Loading
  • >15 Wash Programmes
  • 2D Shower System, "Laundry Add" Option, Inbulit Anti-Crease
  • Machine Category

    • Machine Type

    • Washer
    • Load Orientation

    • Front Load
    • Operation Type

    • Fully Automatic
    • Ideal Family Size

    • 4-6 Members
    • Installation Type

    • Floor Standing
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • Eva Aqua VX
    • Model Number

    • EVA Aqua VX


Wash clothes easily and quickly with several automatic features in the IFB 5.5 Kg Eva Aqua VX front loading washing machine. This white electronic washing machine comes with a white door, which can open 180 degrees and an LED indicator that turns on with audio. It's inside drum is designed with a crescent moon shaped pattern, which can protect your clothes from any kind of damage. This design creates gushing water forming a swoosh pattern, which protects your clothes from damage by preventing them from rubbing against its wall. It gives your clothes a gentle yet clean and thorough wash. With 5.5 kg capacity, it gives you three different temperature settings like cold, hot or warm, and you can choose depending upon your requirement. Choose from 15 plus washing options like cotton, delicates, synthetic, wool or mixed fabrics. Its cotton option is designed for your cotton clothes, while you can choose delicate wash for your delicates as it gives them a gentle wash with no damage. Washing woollens is easy with its woollen wash as it prevents stretching and keeps them soft, intact and clean. Other washing options include easy care and cotton eco. This best washing machine consumes 45 Litres water and runs for 31 to 151 minutes at 700 rpm.


Get clean and fresh clothes every time you use this IFB 5.5 Kg front loading washing machine as it comes with 2D shower and aqua energie system. With its 2D shower system, it provides special nozzles for 360 degrees water circulation in dynamic motion. This ensures the detergent dissolves completely and seeps deep into your clothes for through washing. During rinsing it makes sure to penetrate fresh water into the clothes to remove all the detergent giving you clean and fresh clothes. Enhancing its efficiency is the built-in aqua energie feature, which can treat hard water. You will no longer have to wash your clothes in hard water as its aqua filter breaks down bi-carbonates in hard water into crystals, giving you soft water, which easily wets your clothes and seeps into it. This improves the shelf life and reduces scaling of its components. These thoroughly clean clothes are easy to iron, thanks to its built-in anti-crease feature. If you forget to add a particular shirt or top, then it�s add laundry feature can come to your aid. Simply, pause and add your clothes during an on-going wash cycle. You can also make use of special programs like rinse + spin for dirty clothes, drain + spin and wash mode. Other features in this front loading washing machine include barrier free program console, program time indication, progress indication and rapid wash. Its rapid wash feature comes to your aid when you are in a rush and washes clothes in approximately 50% less time. This IFB washing machine comes with four years manufacturer warranty.

Safe and Secure Wash

Wash your clothes safely with this front loading washing machine as it comes with many safety features. Designed with smart technology it can make your life easy. If you put your clothes load unevenly its auto imbalance system automatically senses uneven distribution, and redistributes the load inside its drum. It starts and stops the rotation cycle in this process and prevents it from collapsing due to imbalance. With load imbalance, it also maintains even distribution of foam in all areas of its drum, which enhances it washing ability. It activates a diluting system as soon as it senses foam generation to dissolve and distribute excessive foam. Simply switch it off when in a hurry to rush somewhere while it is still running and you can turn it on later to start the cycle from where you left as it comes with auto restart and memory back-up features. Other features in this IFB washing machine include self diagnosis and protective rat mesh at its bottom, which prevents rodents from entering inside the machine and damaging it.


If you are looking for a washing machine with different wash options, which can keep your clothes clean and damage free, then this IFB front loading washing machine white can be apt for you.