IFB 7 Kg Elite Aqua SX Front Loading Washing Machine (Silver) - Price, Specifications & Features | C
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  • 7 Kg Washing Machine
  • Front Loading
  • > 100 Wash Care Programmes
  • 3D Wash System, "Laundry Add" Option
  • Machine Category

    • Machine Type

    • Washer
    • Load Orientation

    • Front Load
    • Operation Type

    • Fully Automatic
    • Ideal Family Size

    • 6-8 Members
    • Installation Type

    • Floor Standing
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • Elite Aqua SX
    • Model Number

    • Elite Aqua SX


Ease of your everyday washing chore, the easy and smart way, with the IFB 7 Kg Elite Aqua SX front loading washing machine. The silver washing machine comes with 7 kg load capacity and various temperature options like 95, 60, 40 and 30 degree Celsius, and cold. Putting more clothes, at once, will be easy as it comes with 320 mm door diameter and 180 degree door opening angle. Easy to operate this washing machine has smart jog dial with on and off feature, barrier free program console, user friendly LCD display and audio visual indication. Designed to give clean and fresh clothes this IFB washing machine comes with various innovative features. It has 3D wash system, air bubble wash, aqua energie, �Laundry Add� option, crescent moon drum and tub clean. With over 100 wash care programs, you can easily choose the best one for your clothes. It comes with programs like cotton, express 15, mixed fabric, delicate, curtains, stains and synthetic. Other useful features include 53 water consumption, 15 to 147 minutes wash program duration and spin speed options like 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 rpm and no spin.


With the IFB 7 kg washing machine get sparkling clean and new clothes, on every wash. Its air bubble wash system produces millions of bubbles in water and penetrates properly inside the fibre of clothes. This helps in removing most difficult stains, as well, giving you dirt-free clothes. With the Aqua Energie feature, you will have the dual benefit of better wash and long lasting washing machine. It turns hard water into soft and dissolves bi-carbonates, which helps in increasing life and performance of the washing machine. Soft water, properly drenches the clothes and dissolves detergent, giving perfect wash experience. Equipped with 3D wash system, it comes with nozzles, which circulates the water 360 degree inside the drum. This helps in releasing fresh water, better detergent dissolving and penetration inside the clothes, for clean wash. With this special water system, during rinsing, fresh water thoroughly removes detergent, giving you spick and span clothes. With this IFB Elite Aqua SX washing machine, you get gentle and thorough washing experience. It comes with the crescent moon shape on the inner side of the drum. Water twirls and whirls inside the drum preventing the clothes from coming in direct contact with the steel drum. Other special programs include prewash, soilage, additives or rinse + spin, spin dry, child lock, soak, time delay, rinse hold, drain, extra rinse and ease iron. With this washing machine, you get 4 years manufacture warranty.

Enjoy the Automatic Washing Experience

Enjoy automatic washing experience when you bring home the IFB Elite Aqua SX front loading washing machine. With the auto imbalance system, the washing machine, will automatically re-distribute and evenly spread the load. During the rotation cycle, the machine will start and stop, on its own, to balance the load. For better wash experience, this washing machine comes with foam control system. It automatically senses extra foam formation and sets in motion a dilution system, which dissolves it. If you forget to add some clothes, with this best front washing machine, you will not have to wait for the wash cycle to complete. Using the laundry add option, you can easily put in clothes, after starting the wash cycle, as well. You can auto maintain this washing machine as it comes with tub clean feature. Before selecting this feature, drain the water and add some detergent. This helps in eliminating all impurities, bacteria, fungus and bad odour from the washing machine. Long lasting and sturdy, this washing machine, comes with protective rat mesh. This additional cover is at the bottom of the machine and prevents attacks from rodents. Other safety features include auto restart or memory back-up and self diagnosis.


Maintain the quality of clothes the easy way with the IFB Elite Aqua front loading washing machine silver. A perfect choice for everyday use, the 7 kg load capacity, makes it apt for small to medium size families.