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Refrigerators and their origin

Refrigerator is a common electronic appliance found in kitchens all over the world. The refrigerator is mainly comprised of a thermally insulated compartment with a heat pump for transfer of heat to keep its innards below atmospheric temperature. The beloved fridge, as we know today, made its first appearance in 1913. Since then, the fridge has undergone several transformations in its structure to suit the demands and convenience of consumers over the years. Today, the fridge has become an indispensable part of our lives.

Need and types of Refrigerators

The basic function of a refrigerator is to keep the food fresh for a prolonged period of time beyond their shelf life by inhibiting bacterial growth. In a tropical climate such as India, the fridge becomes even more essential. Refrigerators come in different shapes and sizes. Some notable variants of the fridge include Single Door refrigerator, Double Door refrigerator, Triple Door refrigerator, Side by Side refrigerator, Bottom Freezer fridge and Deep Freezer refrigerator, available in various containing capacities with increased energy efficiency.

Buy the best refrigerator online

When it comes to scouring the internet to buy fridge online, Croma gives you the most aesthetic shopping experience with an exhaustive collection of the best refrigerators. You can get the most lucrative fridge price online from Enjoy unbelievable discounts on the retail price of class-leading refrigerators such as LG refrigerator, Whirlpool refrigerator or Samsung fridge only on

Be well-informed before you buy refrigerator online

Refrigerators have potential to do more than merely store food. Most refrigerators have freezers for efficient ice cube generation, large bottle holders, preservation of condiments and separators for vegetables and fruits. This has led most refrigerator makers to create operation specific fridges that enable them to focus on what they wish to offer through their best refrigerators. Buyers can get confused as it is hard to select the best fridge online that suits their needs. At Croma, this issue is resolved through the technical reviews. Brief and concise, these technical reviews are available for each fridge and give you a clear idea of what to expect from each of the best refrigerator so that you can make an informed choice before purchasing your latest refrigerator.

Stay Updated About New Refrigerators And Buy Fridge Online

With the world increasingly moving towards a cashless economy, Croma helps you buy refrigerators online with the greatest level of convenience. On Croma's user-friendly website, each new refrigerator is enlisted alongside its price for comfortable browsing. With advanced security features and improved encryption methods, your online transaction remains safe and ensures secure transaction without any hassles.

Receive Your Refrigerator At Your Doorstep

You can also choose to drop by at the nearest Croma store to enjoy a hands-on experience of the best refrigerators in the market before placing your order. Once you have placed the order, your refrigerator is packed and dispatched in the shortest possible time. Croma also offers you EMI payment option.

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