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Induction Cooktop

The induction cooking is the latest development in the kitchen technology. This technology enables cooking with the help of electrical induction instead of thermal induction. For all cooking purposes on an induction cooker the cookware must be made of ferromagnetic metal such as cast iron or stainless steel. An induction cooker features a copper wire that is placed in the cooking pot and an alternating current passes through it. The eddy current flowing through the resistance of the cooking pot heats it. Buy an amazing set of induction cooker and cookware and enjoy easy and quick cooking. Choose from the large variety of induction cookers and cooktops online. Croma provides an extensive range of induction cookers with unique features and specifications. The induction cooktops available online are high in quality and cook instantly without any hassle. You can find a large variety of induction cookware too that help you to cook on induction cooktops easily. Get an amazing array of induction and electric cooktops from top brands like Philips Bajaj Prestige and more. Buy induction cookers online at comfortable prices in India. The various features and product reviews will help you choose your product wisely. Pick the best product that suits your preferences. Croma provides a wide array of the best induction cookers and cooktops. You can also pick the best Prestige induction stove for quick cooking. Shop smartly with Croma and place your order for the best induction cooktop. Get your product delivered on time and benefit from the easy payment options. Choose net banking credit card and cash on delivery services.

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