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  • Increased strength
  • Scratch free
  • Compatible for extreme conditions
  • Product Category

    • Product Category

    • Screen Protector
    • Suitable for

    • Mobile
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Kristall
    • Model Series

    • 235269
    • Model Number

    • 235269

Liquid Protection

Increase the strength and hardness of your screen with the Kristall Universal Liquid Screen. It increases the hardness of the phone screen to up to 9H that is almost a sapphire equivalent. The product is invisible even upon usage which ensures that there will be no unnecessary marks on the phone.

Even under extreme conditions in terms of temperature splurge etc, the liquid protects your screen. It prevents your phone screen from suffering any sort of damage in the form of scratching and chipping. It also ensures that there is no bubbling or peeling or crack during and after applying the liquid screen protector.