LG 1001 Litres GR-D34FBGHL Side-by Side Refrigerator|LG 1001 Litres GR-D34FBGHL Side-by Side Refrige
  • Dual Door-in-Door Design
  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Smart Storage System
  • Hygiene Fresh+ Technology
  • Product Category

    • Refrigerator Type

    • Side-by-Side Door
    • Gross Refrigerator Capacity

    • 1001 Litres
    • Installation Type

    • Floor Standing
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • GR-D34FBGHL
    • Model Number

    • GR-D34FBGHL


Give your kitchen an instant upgrade with LG GR-D34FBGHL 1001 Litre Side-By Side refrigerator that features premium, sleek and stylish design, dual door-in-door design, smart storage system, Inverter linear compressor, Hygiene fresh+, smart diagnosis, moist balance crisper, express freezing, tripple twist ice tray, child lock and much more that gives you more ways to use your space.


This LG GR-D34FBGHL 1001 Litre Side-By Side refrigerator decorates your kitchen with its premium, sleek and stylish luminous black finish and honeycomb patterned design that makes it aesthetically pleasing and leaves the outside fingerprint and smudge resistant so it always looks its best. The transparent interiors of this refrigerator render a clean and fresh look. Its tempered glass shelves are designed to hold heavy utensils without damage to the glass. So, store your heavy watermelon in the fridge without worrying about heavy loading and damage to your fridge. It also has high-efficiency LED interior light that illuminates interior of the refrigerator more brightly.


The LG GR-D34FBGHL 1001 Litre Side-By Side refrigerator ensures durability and long lasting performance with its energy efficient technology and comes with 10-year compressor warranty. An inverter linear compressor works very much like a car accelerator. When the speed required is more, the acceleration is more, and when it is less, and then the acceleration is less. This makes sure that during summer when cooling load is more, the compressor works at peak capacity taking more electricity. But during winter when cooling load is less, the compressor works less there by consuming less electricity. Even during summer, the night temperature is less than the day temperature and thus electricity savings happen in night when compressor can run at a lesser speed. This kind of compressor never switches off even when the temperature stabilizes, but runs at a slower speed maintaining the temperature inside the refrigerator. Its Dual Door-in-Door design has two independent door-in-door compartments to give you better organization, easy access and better conservation of cold air inside. The right door-in-door can be accessed by just pushing the easy open button located on the right door. And the left door-in-door can be accessed by pressing the hidden button at the bottom of the left door-in-door. This design allows you to retrieve most commonly needed items without affecting the temperature of the main storage space. It also optimizes the food storage options and ensures organization flexibility. Additionally the smart storage system includes moving basket, 32 separate spaces, mini bar, folding shelf, extra space, easy pull drawer (freezer) and door basket (freezer) that gives you more space to store more.

The Hygiene fresh+ technology uses 5 step layered filtering that purifies the air in your fridge and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and reduces odours and dust, enabling you to enjoy fresher food for a healthier life. The multi digital sensors constantly check internal conditions and allow the fridge to maintain superior humidity and temperature levels to help keep food fresher for longer. The moist balance crisper is the special lattice-type box cover which maintains moisture at an optimum level. Moisture from the stored food is evaporated and then condensed on the lattice thus maintaining the correct balance in the air around the food. In the event that you have any problems with your appliance, the Smart Diagnosis helps you troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently. Your appliance will either emit sound data to communicate with the LG Call Centre over the phone, or transmit data over Wi-Fi to your smart phone app for quick and easy diagnosis and solutions. The express freezing improves the cooling speed of the freezer by running the compressor and the freezer fan and used when you need the food to be quickly cooled. It also features triple twist ice tray and child lock.


The LG GR-D34FBGHL 1001 Litre Side-By Side refrigerator helps you and your family maintain a healthier, greener lifestyle and keeps your food items fresh for long.