LG 215 cm (85 inch) 4k Super Ultra HD LED Smart TV (86UH955T, Black) - Price, Specifications & Features
  • Additional 1 years extended warranty
  • IPS 4K panel
  • Colour Prime feature
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Magic Remote
  • Television Category

    • Television Type

    • Flat Panel
    • Television Format

    • Ultra HD 4K
    • Television Features

    • 3D Smart TV
    • Ideal Viewing Distance

    • 15 Ft & Above
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • LG 86UH955T
    • Model Number

    • 86UH955T

Enhanced Viewing

Enjoy watching your videos with clear and crisp images with the LG 86UH955T 215 cm UHD LED TV. The 4K resolution provides for Full HD viewing which makes the images on the screen stand out in vivid details. The HDR 4K with Dolby vision optimizes the frame to so that a natural contrast can be achieved.

Equipped with an IPS 4K panel, the LG LED TV offers an accurate contrast and colour from all the angles. Even fast motion sequences can be viewed in great details with this technology. This technology makes the images seem almost life like on the TV screen.

Colourful Features

The LG TV is complimented with the Colour Prime feature that provides a more realistic colour combination on the TV screen. Colours get divided into a wider spectrum with the Billion Rich colours feature. This allows you for proper adjustment of colours across the screen.

With the Ultra Luminance feature, you get to experience a proper contrast on the TV screen. It sends the extra current from the dark areas to bright areas to illuminate the screen properly. The 4K 3D+ feature allows you to enjoy 3D action in Ultra high quality and resolution.

Superior Connection

Sharing content on the LG TV becomes easier due to the webOS 3.0 system. With the Magic Mobile connection you can stream content from your Smartphone on to the TV and this becomes further easier with a Wi-Fi connection. The webOS also supports the LG content store from where you can download a number of apps as per your requirement.

With the Smartshare feature the LG TV allows you to browse and share files using an external device. You can also watch the content of your TV on your Smartphone using this feature.

Convenient and Stylish

The LG TV also has certain convenient features. Its Magic Remote that runs on STB Control Buttons works as an universal remote. Moreover it works on voice recognition as well. The Music Player allows you to listen to music even when other apps are running or when the TV screen is off.

Designed stylishly, the LG LED TV is ultra slim and enhances the look of your room without occupying much space. Adding to the stylish experience is the Harman/Kardon sound that makes the audio resonate throughout the surroundings.