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LG 240L GL-B252VPGY-SB Frost Free Refrigerator (Silk Blossom)

Product Id: 183458

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  • Reciprocatory Compressor
  • Double Twist Ice Tray
  • 4 Way Cooling
  • Fresherizer + AG Ions
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LG 240L GL-B252VPGY-SB Frost Free Refrigerator (Silk Blossom)


Hygiene Features
  • Deodorising Yes/ Fresherizer + Ag Ions
Dimension and Weigth
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 550 x 685 x 1450
Certifications and Standards
  • Star Rating 2
Shelf Features
  • Egg Rack Yes
  • Large bottle shelf Yes
  • Material used for shelves Toughened Glass
  • Separator for vegetable and fruits Yes
  • Brand LG
  • Capacity 240
  • Temperature control Mechanical
After Sales Service
  • Warranty 10 Years Warranty on Compressor
Product Description


The LG 240 litres GL-B252VPGY-SB Double Door Frost Free refrigerator is designed to offer you the freshest and healthiest experience. Its flaunts a stunning silk blossom coloured cabinet that grabs every ones attention. It features reciprocatory compressor, 2 star rating, double twist ice tray, 4 way cooling, moist balance crisper, anti bacteria gasket, fresherizer + AG ions, transparent door pockets and much more that provides flexibility to use.


The LG 240 litres GL-B252VPGY-SB Frost Free refrigerator features high gloss stunning and shiny silk blossom coloured construction on the door that is quiet easy to clean. The transparent interiors of this refrigerator renders a clean and fresh look. Its toughened glass shelves is designed to hold heavy utensils without damage to the glass and also allows you to lower or raise the shelves for more efficient storage and convenience. So, store your heavy watermelon in the fridge without worrying about heavy loading and damage to your fridge. Its new vogue handle enables easy and comfortable door opening.


The LG 240 litres GL-B252VPGY-SB Frost free refrigerator ensures durability and long lasting performance with its reciprocatory compressor that features compact size, silent operation, low voltage start ability, high starting torque and assures you high quality and globally proven reliability. It has BEEE 2 star rating. Its 4-way cooling refrigerator circulates the air evenly to keep food fresh longer, retain the natural proteins and vitamins and preserve the taste of the food, keeping all the goodness intact. The moist balance crisper is the special lattice-type box cover which maintains moisture at an optimum level. Moisture from the stored food is evaporated and then condensed on the lattice thus maintaining the correct balance in the air around the food. The top freezer compartment has a twist ice maker which you can easily take out and move this ice tray whenever you need more freezer space. It is equipped with an removable anti-bacterial door gasket prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps the food free from any contamination and is quite easy to clean. The fresherizer + AG ions deodorizes the unpleasant smell from dried-up spills inside the fridge and extends food life, reduces food spoilage, promotes a clean refrigerator environment and eliminates odours. The humidity controller works to control air circulation to maintain optimal humidity, creating an ideal environment to store large quantity of fresh vegetables and fruits for a longer period of time.


The LG 240 litres GL-B252VPGY-SB Double Door Frost Free Smart refrigerator helps you and your family maintain a healthier, greener lifestyle while also lowering your energy bill and keeps your food items fresh for long.