LG 7.2 Kg P8237R3S/TL Washing Machine (Mauve) - Price, Specifications & Features | Croma
  • 7.2 Kg Semi Automatic Machine
  • Top Loading
  • 3+1 Wash Programs
  • Rat Away Technology
  • Machine Category

    • Machine Type

    • Washer
    • Load Orientation

    • Top Load
    • Operation Type

    • Semi-Automatic
    • Ideal Family Size

    • 6-8 Members
    • Installation Type

    • Floor Standing
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • P8237R3S-BLUE
    • Model Number

    • P8237R3S-BLUE


Washing clothes will be quick and easy with the LG 7.2 Kg P8237R3S top loading washing machine. It comes in an attractive mauve finish with a 7.2 kg capacity and can comfortably accommodate a large amount of laundry. Easy to use it comes with electro mechanical control system and integrated Roller Jet pulsator. This pulsator vigorously washes clothes and creates friction between them to loosen dust and dirt particles, ensuring a proper wash. The rollers create the required friction that helps to remove dust from your clothes. For superior results and washing quality, it comes with Punch + 3 design that feature three mini pulsators and a main pulsator. This mechanism pushes powerful bursts of water from the three vents to create a repetitive motion of moving the laundry up and down, which gets rid of stubborn lint particles and stains. For your convenience, it comes with gentle, normal, strong and soak wash programs that ensure optimal washing and cleaning for fresh clothes. To offer strength and durability, this LG 7.2 kg washing machine is constructed from sturdy plastic, which also effectively protects the machine from corrosion, rust and shocks, allowing you to use it for a long period of time.


Enjoy thoroughly washed and clean clothes in every washing cycle with this LG washing machine. It features a top-loading input system, allowing you to easily remove and insert laundry. For optimum performance, it comes with a 3+1 wash program. You can safely and easily wash cotton, silk, denim, velvet, fur and a variety of other fabrics with either of the gentle, normal and strong wash options to prevent any damage to your clothes. Its unique soak option allows you to soak clothes in a softener or detergent for around 25 minutes to help loosen up lint, dirt particles and stubborn stains before a wash. According to the type of fabric and wash needed, you can choose among the different wash programmes and have spick and span clothes always. This LG top loading washing machine is semi-automatic and is designed with a wash window for your convenience and comes with a wash timer, which goes off every 15 minutes and a spin timer that goes off every 10 minutes. According to your requirement, you can set the wash and spin time and have properly clean and dry clothes. Integrated with the Rat Away technology, this washing machine is covered with a strong plastic sheet that is coated with chemicals to prevent rats from damaging it. With this, you don't have to worry about rats gnawing through machine wires and can safely place it without worry in the balcony, washing area, kitchen or bathroom.

Designed for Convenience and Ease of Use

This LG semi automatic washing machine is designed to simplify your laundry process. With built-in Wind Jet Dry technology, you will receive an optimum wash with this machine. To help laundry dry quickly, it reduces the moisture level on each clothing item inside the washing machine. While the tub spins, the vents push out air to help dry up the moisture faster, which in turn quickens the process of washing. This Wind Jet Dry process also prevents mould from growing inside the inner tub. Put a round of laundry for wash on the weekend and get it fresh, dry and ready to iron and wear within just a short span of time. For user convenience, this semi automatic washing machine comes with a lint collector that collects leftover dirt, dust, mites and lint from the laundry cycle and prevents them from getting stuck in the machine. Smooth wheels at the base provide space between the floor and the machine and also allow you to easily move it if required. To efficiently clean hard-to-reach areas of clothing items, it comes with a collar cleaner and collar scrubber. For long-lasting use, this machine is designed with a rust-free plastic base. Other useful features included are a water level selector, buzzer to inform you when the laundry is done, a spin window and shower, cold water inlet, an anti-vibration rubber and an electro-mechanical control system.


The various user-friendly features like 3+1 wash option and Wind Jet Dry process of this top loading washing machine make it ideal for home use. Its 7.2 kg weight capacity and 6 kg spin tub capacity make it ideal to accommodate laundry of a medium to large family.