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LG 7.3 Litres WHD71RB4RP Water Purifier

Product Id: 183050

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  • Electric Water Purifier
  • 7.3 Litres Total Capacity
  • 5 Purification Stages
  • Filter Change Indicator, Stainless Steel Tank
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LG 7.3 Litres WHD71RB4RP Water Purifier


Dimension and Weigth
  • Weight (kg) 18
Category Type
  • Type of Water Purifier Electric
  • Model Number WHD71RB4RP
  • Brand LG
Company Contact Information
  • Generic Name Water Purifier
Product Description


The LG 7.3 Litres WHD71RB4RP water purifier combines the functions of a water purifier and dispenser. One touch and you can dispense hot or cold water according to your requirement. There is also the option of dispensing water at room temperature. It can provide you cold water at 3 and hot water at 90 degree centigrade. Brewing water for tea or coffee will no longer be required as you can dispense hot water at the press of a button. Likewise, if you wish to enjoy chilled water in a hot summer afternoon, then you can enjoy it instantly. The best part is that it stores water in a hygienic manner. Its stainless steel water tank and process of indirect cooling and heating maintains hygiene. There is also a sterilisation kit inside this purifier, which takes care of the maintenance. You can enjoy fresh and hygienic water with minimal care and maintenance. This sterilising kit disinfects the tap water of natural impurities by electrolysis method. It is this water that passes through the inner parts of the tank like water path line, water tank and cock outlet and maintains proper hygiene. As it caters to both water purifying and dispensing requirements, you will not have to turn it off every night. Powered with energy saving sensor, this LG water purifier regulates the operation and slows the water boiling process at night.


This LG water purifier comes with a touch panel display and glass make, which adds to the style and grace of your kitchen. Easy to operate it comes with hot and cold water temperature indicator and filter replacement indicator. This hot and cold water temperature indicator provides three levels of hot or cold water temperature, so you can choose according to your requirement. When you need to change the filter, there will be a clear indicator on the RO display. Preventing your little ones from fiddling with the purifier is the Lock button. It also comes useful when you are not are not using it. There are also separate hot, room and cold water dispensing buttons in it. For dispensing hot, cold and room temperature water, there is only one cock. Maximum water purity is ensured with the five stage powerful filtration process. There are outside sediment, sediment, pre-carbon, RO and post carbon filters. The water undergoes these five stages of intense purification process and filters 0.0001 filter particles ensuring maximum safety. It takes care of complete purification of water .


With 7.3 Litres storage capacity, water filtration and dispensation function, this best water filter can make a perfect choice for every household.