LG 26LN4140 LED TV | LG 26 inch Black LED TV

Key Features

  • 26 inch LED TV with 768p
  • Ultra Slim LED Backlit Module
  • 5W + 5W Audio Output
  • 1 HDMI, 1 USB
  • Dolby Digital Decoder, Triple XD Engine


  • Television Category

    • Television Type

    • Flat Panel
    • Television Format

    • HD Ready
    • Television Features

    • Standard
    • Ideal Viewing Distance

    • Under 6 Ft
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • LG
    • Model Series

    • 26LN4140
    • Model Number

    • 26LN4140


The LG 26LN4140 is a 26 inch LED TV with crystal clear images, smooth colours, great sound and a host of smart features. With a screen resolution of 1366 x 768p, this ultra slim glossy black LG TV features LED backlighting, delivering vivid images with amazing clarity and life-like colours. Not just television channels, you will enjoy playing content from your USB or external hard drive by connecting it to the TV�s USB v2.0 port. The technically advanced IPS LED LCD panel of this TV is built of sturdy material. At the same time, it offers excellent colour reproduction; wide-angle viewing, blur-free pictures and the images are not distorted even if you are watching from a corner. The 3D MPEG Noise Reduction of LG 26LN4140 26 inch LED TV interprets video signals frame by frame to produce clearer visuals. Additionally, the TV is equipped with the MCI 100 motion sensor that monitors response signals per second instead of per frame. LG 26LN4140 boasts of high audio standards to keep up with the excellent video output. It has 2 channel speakers to bring you the stereo effect, and is supported by a Dolby Digital decoder. This LG 26 inch LED TV features all round protection against lightning, summer heat, humidity and does not need a stabiliser to counter power surges. The unique Smart Energy Saving feature helps you save on electricity bills. This is a system that automatically reduces brightness in highly lit shots, and increases it in low-light shots, thus cutting down on power consumption. On the other hand, LG 26LN4140 26 inch LED TV has Motion Eco Sensor, which controls brightness automatically according to the speed of the shot and the speed of the objects in the frame, saving electricity while maintaining high visual standards. Other features include LED backlit module, USB Movie, 1 HDMI v1.4 port, and Dynamic Colour Enhancer. Personalise the LG 26LN4140 26 inch LED TV according to the type of content you are watching by choosing one of the 5 picture modes, and match the audio by selecting the most suitable option from the 5 audio modes.


The LG 26LN4140 26 inch LED TV boasts of the Triple XD Engine video processor that provides precise colour reproduction, visual contrast and sharpness. This stylish black LG television has an Ultra Slim backlit LED with a resolution of 1366 x 768p. Its advanced IPS LED LCD panel offers excellent colour accuracy, wide viewing angle, blur-free clarity and a stable and durable screen. MCI 100 is another graphics enhancer in this LG TV that improves visuals by bringing out details on screen even in fast moving shots. Go beyond mere television watching by enjoying content from various sources, including your home videos from a camera, clips from a smartphone, movies and downloaded videos from USB or a portable hard drive, by connecting it to the USB v2.0 port. LG 26LN4140 26 inch LED TV has HDMI v1.4, the next generation High Definition Media Interface, that presents you with richer depths of colour as it�s compatible with a higher resolution range than previous HDMI versions. The Triple XD Engine graphics processor that improves black levels while bringing out the brightness reinforces the performance of this LG 26 inch LED TV. It reproduces colour tones to perfection while reducing unwanted analogue and MPEG signal noise. LG 26LN4140 26 inch LED TV has dual stereo speakers of 5 W + 5 W. It has 1 HDMI and 1 USB port. Video modes include - Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Sport and Game. Available audio modes are Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport and Game. Power saving features of LG 26LN4140 include automatic brightness controlling systems such as Smart Energy Saving and Motion Eco Sensor.

All Round Protection

This LG 26 inch LED TV features All Round Protection with a robust IPS panel, anti lightning, humidity and heat protection and doesn�t need a stabiliser to protect against power surges. This makes it a safe and durable gadget.


The LG 26LN4140 26 inch LED TV makes for the perfect choice for those looking for an ultra slim TV with enhanced connectivity features and excellent sound and picture quality.