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  • Electrical Purifier
  • RO + UF + UV Function
  • Hard/Soft Water , Bore Well
  • 8 Litres Storage Tank
  • Steel
  • Filter Change Indicator | Tank Full Indicator | Pure Power Indicator
  • Water Purifier Category

    • Purifier Type

    • Electrical
    • Purification Function

    • UV | RO | UF
    • Water Type

    • Hard/Soft Water
    • Source of Water

    • Bore Well Water
    • Installation Type

    • Wall Mount
  • Manufacturer Details

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Why buy LG PuriCare RO + UV + UF Electrical Water Purifier


  • 8-Litres Capacity is perfect for most families
  • Stainless Steel Tank maintains hygiene and freshness of water
  • True Filtration ensures the production of the purest drinking water
  • Mineral Booster adds minerals to water making it taste better
  • Enhanced Water Savings with RO Recovery Plus Filter


Drink purest mineral-enriched water as you buy LG PuriCare RO + UV + UF Electrical Water Purifier that comes with Mineral Booster technology. It provides complete protection of your water in 3 Easy Steps, - True Preservation, True Maintenance, True Filtration. It comes with a Dual Protection Stainless Steel Water Tank, which maintains the freshness of water and reduces the growth of bacteria and algae. It is far more hygienic than a conventional plastic tank as it ensures that water remains safe for drinking with Dual Protection Seal. Plus the Stainless Steel water storage tanks have 94.4% less E.Coli growth in 24 hrs as compared to plastic tanks. Thus, the stainless steel storage tank in this water purifier is much safer than any regular purifiers. Equipped with advanced features to purify your drinking water to the safest, the LG PuriCare RO + UV + UF Electrical Water Purifier’s price is kept decently considerable. With RO, it removes viruses and bacteria; so there is no need for UV in the filtration stage. The UV Cycle in the purifier runs during the Preservation stage. The UV Cycle automatically starts every 6 Hours.


Bundled with a large 8-liters storage tank, you can book the LG PuriCare RO + UV + UF Electrical Water Purifier online, which is sufficient for a large family. The advanced multi-stage reverse osmosis (RO) system delivers safe drinking water via a multi-stage filtration method that removes contaminants as minute as 0.0001 micrometers in size. RO filtration eradicates bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals to provide incredibly pure drinking water. The purifier is equipped with Mineral Filter which adds on minerals in 100% RO Purifier Water and makes water Healthier and Tastier. With RO Recovery Plus Filter, it comes with less than 60% water recovery solution. One can easily check water filter change indicator, UV Sterilizing indicator, and water level Indicator from a distance or at night with Smart Display. It is also equipped with the 2-in-1 Care feature. This system offers the convenience of a secondary valve located on the side of the water purifier, making it possible to hygienically wash fruits or rinse vegetables with clean water. So, don’t wait anymore, purchase the LG PuriCare RO + UV + UF Electrical Water Purifier online, today!