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Livpure Smart Touch RO+UV+UF Water Purifier (Dark Blue)

Product Id: 203230

  ₹17,853.00 ₹21,990.00
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  • India first intelligent RO water purifier with touch technology
  • 8 stages advanced purification system
  • Smart water dispensing options
  • Purified water storage capacity of 8.5 litres
  • Advanced filter change indication system

Livpure Smart Touch RO+UV+UF Water Purifier (Dark Blue)


  • TDS Upto 2000 ppm
Category Type
  • Type of Water Purifier Storage
  • Brand Livpure
After Sales Service
  • Warranty 1 Year
Look and Feel
  • Colours available Dark Blue
Product Material Features
  • Material of body Food Grade Material
Company Contact Information
  • Generic Name Water Purifier
Product Description

Bring home the Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier that has been designed to offer you a healthier lifestyle and potable water in order to switch to a disease-free living. It comes with exceptional features that make it a must-have for any contemporary home.

Capacity and Design

The Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier has a capacity of 8.5 litres and can store enough drinking water. It is suitable for installation in both homes and offices. The sleek look enhances its appeal. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design such that it is easy to use and does not occupy a lot of storage space. It also comes with an advanced indication system that denotes when there is need for the filter change.

Advanced Technologies

Powered by the latest technologies, the Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier offers an efficient performance. It is India�s first intelligent RO water purifier system that is equipped with the touch technology. It provides multiple dispensing options like customised glass, customised bottle, and continuous water flow in order to be user-friendly and beneficial both. Moreover, it has the Purification Capacity Upto 15 Litres/hour, Indicator for Filter life, litres of water purified, purifying water, tank full and Alarm for UV Failure. The operating voltage is 24V DC and input voltage is 140-300 V AC/50 Hz

8-Stage Purification System

Equipped with a utilitarian 8-stage purification system, the Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier ensures completely pure water that is safe and healthy for drinking. The first Pre-filter stage involves the remover of the coarser impurities from tap water, while the second stage makes use of an anti-scalant cartridge to soften and chelate scale-creating salts that may be present in water, has capacity to eliminate minerals such as turbidity, chlorine, calcium, Magnesium and a wide range of organics such as pesticides THMs, bacteria, Virus from water to offer you pure drinking water that is healthy and fresh. This process also enhances the durability of the RO membrane and adds to the purification capacity of the purifier. In the third stage, there is a sediment filter that eliminates the fine and grainy particles. The pre-activated carbon filter cum adsorber of the fourth stage absorbs organic impurities and chlorine in an efficient manner from the water. Then, there is the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane that is the most crucial part of this purifier and removes heavy metals, microbes, THMs, pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful germs by subjecting the water to high pressure. While the sixth stage involves a mineraliser that is effective in enhancing the quality and taste of the RO-purified water by addition of the vital minerals and balancing the pH value, the seventh stage uses an ultra-filtration cartridge for removing the suspended and minute impurities along with bacteria, cysts, giardia, and so on. The last stage uses an Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection column in order to eliminate the bacteria, protozoa, and viruses that contaminate the water and causes disease.

Hence, go ahead and opt for this advanced water purifier by Livpure to enjoy drinking cleaner water every day.