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Croma Exclusives

India is changing. It is home to a constantly evolving marketplace, with ever changing lifestyles and buying behaviours of consumers. As India has evolved over the years, Croma has evolved with it. Whether it was the shift from CRT to LED televisions or from flip phones to touch screens, Croma has always been the destination of choice for the young upwardly mobile Indian. Bringing alive our promise of a #BrighterEveryday with over 6000 products across 200 brands in stores across 19 major cities of India, Croma has served over 10 million customers till date.


At Croma, we believe in engaging with our customers to understand their needs. As people have upgraded their lifestyles and changed products at Croma over the years, we have developed a unique understanding of how their requirements and aspirations progress over time. This has enabled us to curate a line of products bundling the latest technology at accessible prices for our customers.


Croma started its own label journey in 2008. Till date we have served over 2 million happy customers across several categories while enjoying a repeat rate as healthy as the top brands in our store.



Our Consumer Proposition

#LifeMoreBeautiful is our commitment to the aspiring global Indian, who wants to accelerate his lifestyle improvement by means of products that represent high quality but are yet affordable. They are willing to invest in technology in pursuit of a quality lifestyle, but do not want to conform to the current shopping norms, buying overpriced branded products. Croma aims to accelerate the aspirations of this modern Indian consumer through our exclusive offerings at accessible prices.



#SameForLess -

Offering the most desired features at lesser rates compared to competition.


#MoreForSame -

Offering more features with our products compared to competition.


#Unique –

Our commitment to unique and innovative design for our products.


Ensuring Quality

The Tata Group, with its manufacturing experience of 150 years, sets the operating standards for Croma. We identify various world class Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) which mirror Tata Group manufacturers, following similar processes and standards to ensure high quality products.


All our own label products comply with the Tata Quality Assurance guidelines as well as all major technical standards such as CE, GS & IEC standards of conformity, CB labs and safety & performance standards. Croma also executes further testing in partnership with Indian and International Agencies like Intertek, SGS, TUV and Underwriter Laboratory. The results of this commitment to quality are evidenced in our DOA scores, a measure of damaged goods sold to the consumer.






Delighted Customers

Our commitment to quality has been paying dividends with our customer base, evidenced by Croma enjoying Net Promoter Scores similar to industry leading brands. We also get higher repeat rates for Croma products compared to top brands in Croma. As a result of our satisfied customers, Croma own label has been able to claim a store share of over 20% across major appliance categories we operate.




The icing on the cake are the easy EMI options, with different cash back offers, enabling customers to settle for nothing less than their heart's desire.



Visit your nearest Croma Store to check out a wide range of

Croma Exclusives, offering you the latest technology at affordable

prices and great EMI schemes.

A Lifetime of Service is, of course, Assured.