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What to Look For:

When buying a new AC, make sure you look for:

Green Gas: Environmentally friendly refrigerant is a much better alternative than the harmful Freon refrigerant based ACs.

Copper Condenser: It is important to look out for a copper condenser when looking or a new AC, other condensers have lesser effectiveness and durability.

Piping: Copper piping is a lot more durable and long-lasting than Aluminium or other piping materials.

Installation: Croma offers you various ACs free of any installation charges, it is important to note any installation charges and requirements your AC choice may have. At Croma, you can avail 24-hour delivery & installation on various top AC models.


How to Pick the Perfect AC?

Choosing the right AC suited to your exact requirements can sometimes be difficult. With various confusing terms and a confusing marketplace full of options, it’s hard to decide the right AC for you. Here are the important considerations to make when picking your next AC:

Cooling Capacity: AC capacity is denoted by a Ton value (1.5 Ton AC, 2 Ton AC). This signifies the cooling power of the AC and directly correlates with room size. Bigger the capacity, bigger the room it can cool.

Star Rating: Rating denoted in stars signifies the power efficiency of the AC (1 Ton AC 5 star, 1.5 Ton AC 5 star). Look to pick ACs with high star ratings to save long term on your electricity bills.

Inverter Technology: Inverter ACs are becoming more common as people look to save on electricity costs. Inverter technology makes your AC more power efficient and saves electricity.

Location: Your location and climate are important to consider when choosing an AC. A dehumidifier function may be necessary by the sea, or a Tropical AC for the interior lands. You can also check for one that can heat as well if you live up north.


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