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E-ware – Green Bonus Offer


At Croma, we believe that our actions today should bring about a brighter tomorrow. We aim to ensure that by rewarding our environmentally conscious consumers. Environmental damage from e-waste has serious consequences on all of us, as well as the generations to follow. So before you plan your next shopping list, we encourage you to check out our e-ware campaign, aimed at promoting a culture of responsible consumption amongst our customers. Croma brings you a collection of the most environmentally sustainable gadgets focused on energy efficiency, reduced resource consumption and environmental conservation.

These gadgets play an important part in all our lives, but people are often unaware of e-waste recycling in India. Say no to being unaware, choose to be e-ware! With rewards for e-waste disposal, an all-new Green bonus offer for exchange of old gadgets for reuse, to attractive deals on resource-efficient gadgets, we want our customers to keep the environment in mind and tackle e-waste with responsible disposal for a better and brighter tomorrow! Croma is also offering several irresistible offers on electronic items both online and in stores across all major categories with great discounts on mobiles, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. So whether you’re looking for headphones or kitchen appliances, be sure to check in with Croma, and know you’re being e-ware!