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Slo G, Slo G, SLO G!

Poor Gautam! Try as he might, it was getting impossible to keep that harsh#tag from chasing him everywhere he went. The college ka Big Dude was fast falling behind in the race to keep up with the times.  

“Arrey yaar, Slo G abhi tak aaya ki nahi?”

At first it was just his girlfriend Nethra who used to call him that. Then it was the turn of his buddies. And now, it seemed as if the entire world referred to him as Slo G! And who could blame them? “

By the time Slo G even managed to open Google Maps for directions, I feel we had almost reached Sonepat instead of Saket!”complained Nethra loudly at the birthday bash where she and Gautam had arrived dead last; and, they had been in charge of bringing the cake. How embarrassing! Or that other time when someone in their toli had yelled, “Abey, tu rehne dey.

By the time you finish loading our Holi snaps on Whatsapp, it will be Diwali!” Everyone had laughed.

“Slo G, Slo G!”

Gautam stared at the reason for his shame. His mobile phone. How cool it had been when he had bought it three years ago. But three human years are like three generations when it comes to technology! It was time to do something about it. It was time for a new life.

Slo G was going to be Slo G no more!

Armed with his summer internship stipend, Gautam rushed to the nearest Croma. He knew that Croma was the smart destination for all of his smartphone needs. “It is time you came to us, Sir. Your right decision is my main mission!” greeted C-Bot at the entrance.

Gautam was surprised. “Time? Right decision? How do you even know why I am here?” he asked.

Croma-Bot’s sharp eyes had not missed the antique mobile phone in Gautam’s hand. “Well, Sir, what have your pals been calling that?” he asked, pointing at the phone. Gautam was embarrassed.

“Oh! Well, no, it’s not the phone,” he admitted sheepishly. “But my friends have given me a name. They call me…Slo G!”

“‘Slo G’ must not make your heart feel bad…for there are labels that would make you even more sad!” Croma-Bot consoled.

“I once had a customer whose mobile was so old, his friends had started calling him…Kabootar!” Like a Carrier Pigeon!” he added, making Gautam smile.

“Late is never worth the wait, Sir! It’s time you moved on. Let me help you with that!” Croma-Bot offered with a friendly jiggle. Then he turned around and beckoned Gautam to follow.

G bhar ke variety – Bestbuy@Croma!

Croma-Bot led Gautam to the mobile phones selection in the store. Seeing the impressive range on display, Slo G’s eyes widened with surprise. Croma-Bot, of course, was used to seeing such reaction from his customers!

“From phones so snug in the palm of your hand, to large phablets that look oh so grand!” he said, as Gautam looked around excitedly. “From big and flashy brands from shores foreign, to the best of tech in our own country born,” Croma-Bot continued. “Bestbuy@Croma – G bhar ke variety, as far wide as your eyes can see!” he concluded with a flourish, hovering over Gautam who was still struck with amazement, just like a child in a toyshop!

Gautam’s eyes were searching for the brand and model he had already shortlisted before coming to Croma. When he located it, he picked up the display piece in his hand. He was immediately surprised by the phone’s notable weight and the sharpness of its edges that dug into his palm.

“Wow,” he said to Croma-Bot, “I have been eyeing this model since the day of its launch. In fact, I almost ordered it online last night! It looks so sleek in the pictures, but now that I am actually holding it in my hand…,” he continued, but left his sentence unfinished.

“Seeing is Seeing. But Experiencing is Believing!” Croma-Bot chimed. “Remember, your mobile phone is going to live in your hand practically every minute of every day. What you are buying you had better be sure, don’t be fooled by snazzy online discounts’ lure!”

'Gautam couldn’t help but agree. Here, he could touch and feel the phone before he bought one!

“You know, my friend Sid had such a harrowing time returning the phone he had bought online. The initial delivery may be quick, but if the piece is defective or not what you had ordered…,” Gautam whistled and pointed skyward, “…well, not even He can get through their Customer Care number!”

“To click is easy, to point divine, but what if the deal isn’t snappy or the cart isn’t fine?” joked Croma-Bot, making Gautam grin instantly. As the laughter trailed off, Gautam realized he was back at square one. Now that the phone he had shortlisted was a no-go, he was unsure what to buy instead!

“There are so many brands and models here!” he said, looking around. “How will I decide which one to go for?” '

'The two new friends tried out a variety of handsets based on Gautam’s needs, preferences and wishes. Fifteen minutes later, after Croma-Bot had explained him the features of a number of models, and after he had physically experienced their feel in his hands, Gautam was finally convinced he had picked the phone that checked all the right boxes. Not only was his choice blazing fast and feature-rich, it fell right within his budget too!

“And just look how cool it looks!” he exclaimed enthusiastically, swishing his new phone in his hand stylishly.

“With a phone in your hand that cool, it will be no surprise if we see your lady drool!” said Croma-Bot naughtily, instantly ducking out of range when Gautam thrust his right arm forward in a mock-punch.

“Remember, nothing Slo about it, G!”

Gautam laughed.

Phone selection done, checkout and network activation were a breeze. Croma-Bot explained the option to choose an easy payment plan, which Gautam readily did. Gautam also chose from a variety of personalization options that not only added to the hip quotient of his new phone, they were also going to be very useful in making it look good as new for a long time to come.'

 “All set, Sir?” asked Croma-Bot, just as Gautam was proudly leaving the Croma store with his sleek new purchase in his hand. “Armed in hand with your super cool new 4G smartphone, what is the first thing you will do when you get home?”

Gautam was pat with his answer. “Not home, my friend. I will take my girlfriend out on a movie date!”

“But it’s already Saturday evening, Sir!” cautioned Croma-Bot. “If you don’t rush right away to the multiplex for tickets, you may be like a cricket team chasing a target without wickets!”

“Already bought, my friend!” said Gautam, wisely tapped his new phone. “No more Slo G!” he declared proudly.

Croma-Bot swirled with glee at yet another happy customer. “Or, should I say, Sir,” he offered, “Slo G se 4G!”