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  • Flour Mill Machine
  • Functions: Grinding
  • HP Power Saver Motor with Silicon Stamping and SKF Bearing
  • 100% Aluminium Free Grinding Chamber
  • Inbuilt Vaccum Cleaner
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Product Category

    • Product Type

    • Flour Mill Machine
    • Rated Wattage

    • 0 W
    • Functions

    • Grinding
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Milcent
    • Model Series

    • Five Star Super VC 210
    • Model Number

    • Five Star Super VC 210

Why buy Milcent Five Star Super VC 210 Flour Mill Machine


  • Sleek and compact form factor easily fits in modern kitchens
  • Powerful and efficient motor saves up to 30% electricity
  • Auto-start function begins grinding automatically for your convenience
  • Auto-clean and Advanced Vaccu cleaning system picks up even tiny flour particles
  • Sophisticated audio-guided system makes operation completely hassle-free
  • Child safety feature automatically stops grinding when the door is open
  • 7 rustproof sieves let you handle different types of grains


Now you can effortlessly transform healthy whole grains into your own freshly made flour in the comfort of your home – just grab the handy Milcent Five Star Super VC 210 Flour Mill Machine online! You can also use this mill to grind aromatic whole spices into powder for cooking curries and vegetables. Sleek, compact, and smart, this flour mill is highly portable and convenient to move. It takes up minimal space, and in fact, its aesthetically appealing design adds an element of interest to any modern kitchen. Housing a powerful electric motor with silicon stamping and SKF bearings, this grain mill promises a quiet and efficient performance, with savings of up to 30% electricity. The advanced microcontroller enables precise functions for a smooth operation. This flour mill is so intelligent and convenient that the aluminium grinding chamber automatically begins grinding as soon as it senses the presence of grain. But don’t worry, it is safe to use even with curious kids around, as the machine automatically stops grinding when the door is left open. A nifty LED light glows to alert you of the open door too. Moreover, the machine automatically and noiselessly controls grain feeding too, without the need for making manual adjustments.


Worried how you’re going to clean up all the mess inside? Don’t fret! When you buy Milcent Five Star Super VC 210 Flour Mill Machine, you get a machine that auto-cleans thoroughly too, courtesy of its impressive Advanced Vaccu cleaning system. The auto-clean feature immediately cleans up the mess in the grinding chamber, and the advanced vacuum system picks up even tiny flour particles. To prevent accidents at high RPMs, the mill is designed with a single-piece rustproof grinding rotor. For additional safety, the auto overload cut off automatically ensures that the mill stops grinding in case the motor is overloaded. Further, different types of flour require different sieves, which is why this mill offers seven kinds of durable rustproof sieves that are sure to last you a long time. And to make the usage even more uncomplicated, this flour mill’s sophisticated audio-guided system will assist you every step of the way. If you have a large family and would like to make your own flour rather than rely on packaged flour, the Milcent Five Star Super VC 210 Flour Mill Machine’s price is absolutely worth it.