Buy Nikon Nikkor Z 35 mm F1.8-F16 Lens (Black) Online - Croma
  • Suitable for: Action Camera |  Point & Shoot Camera |  DSLR Camera
  • For: Nikon Z Mount
  • Lens Range: 35 mm
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Product Category

    • Product Category

    • Lens
    • Suitable for

    • Action Camera | Point & Shoot Camera (Digital Camera) | DSLR Camera
    • Compatible Model Series/Number

    • Not Available
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • Nikkor Z
    • Model Number

    • Nikkor Z

This is a new-generation, fast, wide-angle lens that is useful in a wide variety of situations, delivering superior rendering that overwhelms other Nikon Nikkor Z 3.5cm f/1.8 S Lens. Push boundaries with the precision and sharpness of the NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8 S. Created with the latest innovation in optical technology, let this lens take you on a journey towards pure photographic perfection. As a fast wide-angle prime lens, this lens beautifully carries Nikon’s rich history of optical greatness.

Stunning Pictures

You can capture stunning images with the versatile Nikon Nikkor Z 3.5cm f/1.8 S Lens. As a fast wide-angle prime lens, you can enjoy the ability to take ultra-sharp images with creamy smooth bokeh. This camera lens is perfect for portraiture and closes up photography. The maximum aperture of the lens is also perfect for low light photography. Explore a wide range of possibilities with this prime lens.

Resistant to Bad Weather Conditions

This Nikon Nikkor Z 3.5cm f/1.8 S Lens has a Nano Crystal Coat that keeps it durable and resistant to bad weather conditions. This makes it an ideal one to opt for. It is great for photographers to carry across long distances. The Nikon Nikkor Z 3.5cm f/1.8 S Lens can be taken on treks and tours. It is not a given that the places that photographers and photography enthusiasts visit to get their best shot to have the best weather conditions. This camera lens is hardy and does not succumb to bad weather. It gets you the best shots in stunning clarity, making this lens an asset for photographers.